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The Story

Yesterday, Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke for three and a half hours at the Communist Party congress.

What is that?

It’s a twice-a-decade meeting where a bunch of members of the party gets together to check in on policy. Everyone in China stops what they’re doing to watch. Officially, it’s when the gov does things like elect new leaders. Except a lot of the decision making has already happened beforehand, because of China.

What happened this year?

Xi laid out a major to-do list. It includes making China even more of a military and economic powerhouse than it already is. Continuing the large-scale crackdown on gov corruption. And leading the world on things like global trade and climate change, at a time when others – cough, the US, cough – are backing off. What wasn’t mentioned? What the country plans to do about its ally North Korea and that problematic nuclear program.


This is a pivotal moment for Xi. He’s outlined a plan to increase China’s dominance on the world stage. And has hinted he’ll stay in power much longer than the traditional two-terms for presidents. Many say he’s cementing his legacy among iconic Chinese leaders like Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.


What to say when your friend asks for your last bite of pizza…

Not happening. Yesterday, Catalonia said ‘nope nope nope’ to backing off its secession plans from Spain…meaning the Spanish gov will now be taking over the region. Catalonia – the northeastern, semi-autonomous region of Spain that includes Barcelona – has been fighting off and on for independence for decades. Earlier this month, the region voted in favor of breaking ties with Spain. Spain says the vote goes against the country’s constitution. And gave Catalonia until today to change its mind. Mind, not changed. So now on SaturdaySpain will take the unprecedented step of taking full control of the region’s government and calling for new elections. Talk about weekend plans.


What to say when you uncover old home movies…

A day in the life. Yesterday, President Trump sounded off on just a few things. He threw shade on a bipartisan healthcare deal that he initially said he supported. The deal would temporarily fund subsidies that help low-income Americans pay their healthcare bills. Trump seemed like he was behind it. Then, never mind. He says he can’t support a deal that amounts to a bailout of insurance companies. Meanwhile, he’s still making headlines for his response to the deaths of four US special forces in an ambush in Niger. When asked why he didn’t publicly address the attack for over a week, Trump said he’d reached out to the fallen soldiers’ families and falsely claimed that presidents have never done so in the past. A Democratic congresswoman said that Trump told one of the soldiers’ widows that her husband “knew what he signed up for.” Trump says that’s “totally fabricated.”


What to say when you keep seeing #MeToo…

So has McKayla Maroney. Yesterday, the Olympic gold-medal-winning gymnast said she was repeatedly molested by a USA Gymnastics team doctor. In recent weeks, tons of people have come forward in public and on social media with allegations of sexual harassment and abuse. This started after multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault came out against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Now Maroney is coming forward with her story. She says this doctor abused her for years starting when she was 13. The doctor is already facing multiple lawsuits for sexual allegations that span his 30 years with the US gymnastics team. He’s currently in jail awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to child porn charges. And is set to go to trial on charges of criminal sexual conduct in a separate case. He says he’s not guilty.


What to say when you finish an entire show in 24 hours

Netflix calls that binge racing. And now Nielsen – the company that measures TV viewing ratings – is tracking how much you’re doing it. Yesterday, the company said it’s starting to track streaming service viewers. Until now, it’s been pretty much impossible for anyone other than Netflix (or Hulu, Amazon, take your pick) to know just how many people are tuning in. And since regular TV ratings have been going down for years thanks to cord-cutting, networks like ABC would very much like to know how many people are watching Meredith Grey and Annalise Keating on Netflix. Now Nielsen says it has a fix. But there’s a catch: it won’t track people who are watching from their phone. And Netflix says this, among other things, means Nielsen’s data won’t be accurate.


What to say when you close your laptop for the day…

I’m out. Yesterday, American Express said that its longtime CEO Ken Chenault is heading for that Boca life next year. Chenault is one of the most high-profile black CEOs in the US. He steered AmEx through the aftermath of 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis. Yesterday, Warren Buffett – whose company is AmEx’s largest shareholder – said Chenault is the “gold standard” of corporate leadership. A longtime AmEx exec is taking his spot. No pressure.

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