PowerLine -> The Sex Harassment Scandal Goes International + Pelosi looks ahead

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PowerLine -> The Sex Harassment Scandal Goes International + Pelosi looks ahead

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Powerline image at HoaxAndChange

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  • The Sex Harassment Scandal Goes International
  • Franken meets the press
  • For Christmas: Feminist Baby!
  • Even on Thanksgiving, for the left, it’s all about holding power
  • Pelosi looks ahead
The Sex Harassment Scandal Goes International

Posted: 26 Nov 2017 03:02 PM PST

(Steven Hayward)The elevation of sexual harassment to the pole position of current media-political concern may have actually begun overseas before it snowballed here with l’affaire Weinstein. I didn’t follow the story closely, but I do recall a few years ago that the prominent and beloved television host Jimmy Savile over in the UK was revealed to have been a Weinstein-scale pedophile of long-standing—sort of a Brit version of Charlie Rose crossed with Mister Rogers.

Of course, you would be right to suggest that the British invented sex scandals, going back to King Henry VIII or at least the Profumo scandal of the 1960s. In recent weeks Theresa May’s government has seen the exit of two senior ministers in recent weeks.  Vanity Fair reports:

Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has admitted acting inappropriately on at least one occasion—a hand on the knee of conservative commentator Julia Hartley-Brewer years ago. Damian Green, the first secretary of state and effectively Prime Minister Theresa May’s deputy, is fighting for his political life after a separate accusation that he made sexual advances towards a young Tory activist, which he furiously denies.

Apparently, too many people in British government think “Yes, Minister” is a universal reply and not a satirical comedy. Vanity Fair goes on to report that Tory Party whips are using allegations and rumors of a sex scandal to keep backbenchers in line. I suspect this may have inspired Nancy Pelosi to get John Conyers to step aside as ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee today.

But it looks like the Labour Party wants in on the action. From today’s London Times:

Labour hushes up second ‘suicide’ after sex claims

A second member of the Labour Party has died after apparently taking his own life amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

The man, understood to be in his early thirties, died suddenly last week after being suspended from the party and his job at Labour headquarters after claims involving pornography. . .

The new death came two weeks after the apparent suicide of Carl Sargeant, the cabinet secretary for communities and children in the Welsh government.

Sargeant was removed from his post and suspended from Welsh Labour on November 3 after allegations about his behaviour. He died four days later apparently still unclear about the detailed claims against him.

Strange that the name of the person is being withheld. Even more interesting is this detail:

The man who died last week was a member of Labour’s team at the party’s headquarters in Victoria, central London. One source said he had been caught digitally manipulating the faces of people onto the bodies of porn stars.

That just sounds like good opposition attack material to me.


Franken meets the press

Posted: 26 Nov 2017 12:54 PM PST

(Scott Johnson)Minnesota Senator Al Franken has not yet emerged from the bunker in which he is hiding somewhere in Washington. He will emerge tomorrow when he returns to work to take care of the business at hand, so to speak. Today, however, Franken made himself available to talk to trusted media outlets, such as the Star Tribune. Franken told the Star Tribune’s Jennifer Brooks that the sexual misconduct of which he has been accused was accidental. “This is not something I would intentionally do,” he said.

Franken said he has spent the past week “thinking about how that could happen and I just recognize that I need to be more careful and a lot more sensitive in these situations.” He has to be careful, lest he grabs the ass of an unsuspecting lady.

Are there more women out there with whom Franken has had accidental encounters of the too close kind? Having been blinded by the women who have spoken up over the past week, he certainly “hope[s] not.”

It does not appear that Brooks asked Franken to reconcile his comments to her today with his written Thanksgiving statement. They are inconsistent, though each is laughable in its own way.

Franken told Minnesota Public Radio’s Cathy Wurzer that the photo with Leeann Tweeden was “inexcusable,” but he declined to explain it further. “What my intention didn’t matter. What matters is that I am chained to that photo,” Franken said. “She … didn’t have any ability to consent. She had every right to feel violated by that photo. I have apologized to her and I was very grateful that she accepted my apology.” I would add only that Franken is too hard on himself. If the conduct on display in the photo was accidental, it is excusable.


For Christmas: Feminist Baby!

Posted: 26 Nov 2017 12:14 PM PST

(John Hinderaker)Included in Target’s selection of books for young children is one titled Feminist Baby, by Loryn Brantz, a writer on feminism and body image for Buzzfeed.

If you have always thought that at bottom, to be feminist is to be obnoxious, this book supports your view. A feminist child apparently is one that would normally be described as ill-behaved.

This one, I don’t even understand. How is it feminist to say “no” to pants–apparently meaning, in this context, diapers?

It is hard to imagine a harried mother reading aloud to a young child a book that urges her to make lots of noise:

Isn’t throwing your toys considered a form of misbehavior? It certainly was when I was very young. Does feminist ideology imply an urge toward obnoxious and antisocial behavior? I believe some of its critics say so:

Feminist babies are smart. Smart enough to wear diapers after all, anyway:

Finally, more encouragement of behavior not normally seen as desirable:

Amazon tells us that customers who bought Feminist Baby also bought She Persisted and A Is For Activist, which includes such lessons as “C is for Co-op. Cooperating Cultures. Creative Counter to Corporate vultures.” And “T is for Trans.”

Board books are normally intended to be read to very young children, but it is impossible to imagine any sane parent reading books like these to children. I suppose they can be thought of as coffee table board books, bought for the self-gratification of liberal parents and for display to liberal friends. In which case, they typify many aspects of contemporary liberalism.


Even on Thanksgiving, for the left it’s all about holding power

Posted: 26 Nov 2017 11:09 AM PST

(Paul Mirengoff)Our Thanksgiving dinners are diverse in this sense: the entire spectrum of political opinion is present. We don’t discuss politics, though. That would be a recipe for disaster.

However, politics is never far below the surface. This year, the discussion turned to the Civil War. When one guest, a West Point grad, and retired Army officer, wondered whether the South could have won it, a liberal feminist guest said, quite seriously, she wished the South had.

I wanted to respond: “Yeah, what’s another hundred years of slavery compared to electing Hillary Clinton, president.” But we don’t discuss politics at Thanksgiving dinner.


Pelosi looks ahead

Posted: 26 Nov 2017 10:03 AM PST

(Scott Johnson)House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi turned in a classic performance on the Meet the Press this morning (video below, transcript here). Moderator Chuck Todd focused on the wave of sexual harassment claims that is engulfing even her beloved Democrats. As Todd asked about John Conyers, Pelosi declared him an “icon” (costing me brain cells I could ill afford to lose) and tried to turn the question to the future, where the gender wars can be restored to their rightful place in the Democratic armory. Allahpundit has more here at Hot Air.

Following the interview, Conyers “stepped down” from his perch on the Judiciary Committee, where he was the ranking member. This, however, just clears the decks for impeachment hearings in the event that Democrats retake control of the House in the next Congress.

When Todd turns to Pelosi’s performance during the Clinton era, he throws her the “generational change” lifeline. As for the women who accused Clinton of rape and the like, Pelosi urges us to fare forward, voyagers: “Why don’t we talk, instead, about how we go forward. Nobody is proud of President Clinton’s behavior at the time. But he was being impeached…Let’s go forward. Let’s talk about, okay, let’s learn from past decisions and go forward.”

Forward to the elections of 2018…


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