The Skimm -> Taxes…as in overhauling the tax code is the GOP’s top priority. The House passed a bill.

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The Skimm -> Taxes…as in overhauling the tax code is the GOP’s top priority. The House passed a bill.

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“Call of DooDee” – The name of a dog poop removal service that’s PO’d the video game publisher of “Call of Duty.” This could be breaking the paw.

The Story

Congress has a lot to wrap up before holiday break.

What’s up?

Here’s what’s on the to-do list…

Taxes…as in overhauling the tax code is the GOP’s top priority. The House passed a bill. Now, the Senate’s up. Their version also aims to repeal a key part of Obamacare. Republicans barely have a Senate majority – so they need all the votes they can get. The party wants to get this done now so it can go into next year (an election year) with a big win under its belt.

Budget…as in the US government shuts down this month unless Congress can stop bickering long enough to write a check.

DACA…as in the Obama-era program protecting undocumented immigrants that have been in the US since they were kids is due to expire. Dems have signaled that they won’t sign off on a budget unless DACA is safe.

Ugh…as in Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) are under investigation for separate allegations of sexual harassment. And Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore (R) is still here.


The fate of your tax bill and the status of hundreds of thousands of immigrants – among other things – is about to be decided by a handful of votes over a handful of days.


What to say when your friend has big news…

Pop the champagne. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged. Now, the American actress will be the first bi-racial princess the British royal family’s ever had. They’re planning on making it a short engagement. They’re set to get married next year, which is also when Princess Kate is due to give birth to baby no. 3. Cheers.


What people are watching…

Egypt. The country’s military launched airstrikes on suspected terrorist hideouts in response to the deadliest terror attack in modern Egyptian history. On Friday, dozens of militants killed more than 300 people and injured more than 100 others at a mosque. The attackers – who wore military combat uniforms and carried an ISIS flag – opened fire and threw grenades during a service. While Egypt has suffered multiple terror attacks in the last few years, attacks on mosques are unusual. This one was targeted because it’s a Sufi mosque. Sufism – a mystical form of Islam that Islamic extremists don’t agree with. No group has taken responsibility for the attack yet.

What to say after a few drinks…

Seeing double. Over the weekend, two different people were named acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. And last night, one of them sued. The CFPB was created after the ’08 financial crisis to make sure businesses treat consumers fairly (think: mortgages, credit cards, student loans). On Friday, the head of the CFPB resigned and named an interim director. Hours later, President Trump tapped a different person to take over. The CFPB director pointed out that the law says it’s his job to name a replacement. Now, his recently named successor is suing the Trump administration to make sure that law stays in place. But the White House is pointing to a different law that says it’s the prez’s call. Either way, it will end up in front of the Senate to confirm a permanent director. Until then, a court will have to decide which director gets to keep their office.


What to say after volunteering over the weekend…

Rwanda is helping out too. The country has offered to take in thousands of African migrants being held in Libya, some reportedly being sold as slaves. For years, migrants and refugees have been coming through Libya from Africa and the Mideast hoping to escape to Europe by boat. The EU has cracked down on smugglers that help them get there. Now, those smugglers are reportedly capturing and selling the migrants into slavery. Rwanda says it is willing to take in up to 30,000 migrants or help bring people back to their home countries.


What to say during an icebreaker game…

Pair up. Last night, media giant Meredith Corp said it’s buying magazine publisher Time Inc. You know Meredith for magazines like Shape. And Time Inc for magazines like People, Sports Illustrated, and of course…Time. The billionaire Koch brothers helped make the deal happen by chipping in hundreds of millions of dollars. Meredith says the conservative donors won’t be on the board of directors or have any editorial influence. It’s a big deal for the magazine industry as the print world faces pressure from the digital world. But this digital powerhouse could help bring magazine content to a lot of people – around 200 million.


What to say when you’re on a winning streak in fantasy football…

Auburn could get used to that too. The college football team has beaten two No. 1 teams in three weeks. Over the weekend, Auburn beat its rival Alabama – which was undefeated all season. Now, Auburn’s coasting to the SEC championship game next week and is hoping to make it to the College Football Playoff – which wasn’t much of a possibility before this weekend.

Football pairs well with a food coma. Here are some of the NFL games that HQ watched yesterday with leftovers…

Nail biter…as in the Buffalo Bills jusssttt managed to pull a W against the Kansas City Chiefs. Meaning the Bills are still in the running for an AFC wild card spot, aka a place in the playoffs.

Fourth time’s a charm…as in the Carolina Panthers won their fourth game in a row, this time against the New York Jets. This tightens the Panthers’ race with the New Orleans Saints for the top spot in their division, the NFC South. Rawr.

Rammed…as in the St. Louis Rams beat the New Orleans Saints, ending NOLA’s eight-game winning streak. And ramming up the competition in the NFC South.

For when you have a few extra minutes in bed…

Read about this. Over the weekend, an NYT article about a white nationalist and Nazi sympathizer went viral for all the wrong reasons. Here’s the latest.

For when you’re looking for a new life mantra…

50-20-30. A budgeting tip that we’re trying to adopt. Because, goals.

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