FoxNews Insider -> Rod Rosenstein ‘Aiding and Abetting’ the ‘Threat to Rule of Law’

FoxNews Insider -> Rod Rosenstein ‘Aiding and Abetting’ the ‘Threat to Rule of Law’

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December 14, 2017

Hannity on Mueller Probe: Rod Rosenstein ‘Aiding and Abetting’ the ‘Threat to Rule of Law’

Hannity Monologue on Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller

Tomi Lahren on Roy Moore’s Loss: GOP Must Accept It and ‘Get Something Done’

A wounded Navy SEAL veteran who lost an eye in Afghanistan is running for Congress in Texas.

A Texas Navy SEAL Who Lost His Eye Fighting in Afghanistan Is Now Running for Congress

Rep. King Bashes Bannon: He Looks Like a ‘Disheveled Drunk Who Wandered Onto the Political Stage’

King blasts Bannon

Ingraham: The ‘Sexual Allegation Circus’ and the Plot to Take Down Trump

Laura Ingraham

DHS Secretary: Still Need Congress to Approve Funds for New Border Wall Sections

Nielsen on the border

WATCH: Watters Invites Special Guest for New Installment of ‘Mom Texts’

Jesse Watters Mom Texts

Trump: Americans Will See Bigger Paychecks in February If Tax Bill Is Done by Christmas

Trump speaks on tax reform

WATCH: Tucker Battles Dem on Legitimacy of Trump-Russia Dossier in Mueller Probe

John Garamendi

Judge Nap: Too Early to Say Mueller Probe Is Biased Against Trump

Some Republican lawmakers have seized on a trove of damning text messages as evidence that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe is biased against President Trump.

‘The Public Trust Is Gone’: Jim Jordan Urges Rosenstein to Appoint 2nd Special Counsel

Jim Jordan

Gowdy: Mueller Probe ‘Conflicts of Interest’ Troublesome for an ‘Objective FBI’

Trey Gowdy Mueller Probe

Varney on Anti-Trump Text Messages: ‘FBI’s Investigations Are Politically Tainted’

Stuart Varney said the FBI has become too politicized and the bureau's investigations are 'politically tainted.'

Ingraham: AL Election Had ‘Zero to Do With Substance,’ All About ‘Salacious Allegations’

Ingraham Angle on Doug Jones

Tammy Bruce: Jones Win in AL an ‘End Result’ of What Mitch McConnell Started

Tammy Bruce

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