The END is NEAR! Net Neutrality Vote Looming, no more abortions!

The END is NEAR! Net Neutrality Vote Looming, No more Abortions

The buffoons are saying everything from no more abortions, to the end of the world will happen when the current Net Neutrality is voted down later today.

So what will happen? OK, remember the internet you had before Net Neutrality came into existence? Yeah? And you know the internet you have today under Net Neutrality? Yeah? Well, they are the same! That’s right!

I guarantee you cannot think of anything you have now, that you did not have before Barack Hussein Obama created that rule. 

“Today’s action will provide tremendous opportunity for American broadband consumers, no matter where they live,” said Jonathan Spalter, CEO of the trade group USTelecom. “The removal of antiquated, restrictive regulations will pave the way for broadband network investment, expansion and upgrades.”

“The last administration’s approach of regulating the internet with depression era phone rules is deeply flawed,” said Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee. “While I support Chairman Pai’s efforts as an improvement, I still strongly believe the only way to create long term certainty for the internet ecosystem is for Congress to pass a bipartisan law.”

From, none other than USA Today!

Worries that web providers will ruin access are unfounded. They have every incentive to offer their customers maximum access to Internet services.


The headlines regarding the Federal Communications Commission’s upcoming vote on “net neutrality” regulations suggest impending doom. “FCC Is Revving Up to Destroy the Internet as We Know It,” blares a Popular Mechanics headline. “The Free and Open Internet Is About to Become Less Free, Less Open,” declares a St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial. Yet, despite the considerable media coverage of net neutrality, the issue remains obscure for many consumers. And unfortunately, much of the coverage has shed more heat than light.

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UPDATE !!! The world ends today! 

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules, a move that has triggered protests from consumer groups, Internet companies and Democratic lawmakers.

The repeal passed on a 3-2, party-line vote.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a Republican, announced plans in November to eliminate the rules, calling for a “light-touch regulatory approach” to the Internet. A longtime opponent of the regulations, Pai had signaled plans to undo the rules since taking over as chairman of the FCC this year.
“It is time for the Internet, once again, to be driven by engineers and entrepreneurs and consumers rather than lawyers, accountants and bureaucrats,” Pai said in remarks before the vote.

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