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June 2018

June is here, and we kicked off the month with a non-firearms event sponsored by; running a 1,200+ mile road race through Texas called The Bootlegger. This was the first year of the event, and it was a blast! Thanks to the organizers, all sponsors, and participants (both businesses along the route as well as the drivers and all assistants) for knocking it out of the ballpark!

June 1st the race started at 6am in downtown Dallas where navigators were given directions to a checkpoint where they would receive their next directions. This was repeated for 3 legs, which took us through scenic back roads, historic towns, and famous landmarks. The day ended up at Circuit of the Americas where we got a chance to race go karts, got a back-stage tour and drove on the COTA course. The day ended with a relaxing stay at the beautiful and luxurious JW Marriott in Downtown Austin.

Day two was just like day 1, except we started off with a gourmet breakfast buffet at the beautiful The Oasis restaurant overlooking Lake Travis. The restaurant opened early just to accommodate our group, and I HIGHLY recommend it; we will definitely be back; the views were spectacular, and the food top notch. We drove the scenic backroads of the Hill Country, visited many small towns along the way, and the several small businesses which served as our checkpoints. The day ended up just outside Fredericksburg, at the beautiful Hangar Hotel. Built new from the ground up, the Hangar Hotel was uniquely designed with an exterior appearance of a WWII hangar of the 1940’s.

Day three took us through more of the Texas Hill Country, and specifically to the Twisted (or Three) Sisters; three roads that together form some of the most famous driving in Texas. This 131-mile loop is, without a doubt, among the best, most challenging roads in the state. In fact it is listed in the top 10 motorcycle rides in North America. The route follows canyons and climbs jagged, steep hills; the roads offer many tight, twisty curves with shear drop offs alongside and not much in the way of guardrails. If it’s challenging for motorcycles, imagine how tight it was for a bunch of supercars! Along the way we saw some of the most spectacular ranches you can imagine, complete with exotic animals. The day ended up in Ft Worth at the Flying Saucer for dinner and an awards ceremony.

Overall it was a challenging but incredibly fun way to see a lot of Texas we might otherwise miss. In fact we intend to go back, as there were many places along the way we just did not get a chance to see, such as the ‘National Museum of the Pacific War’ in Fredericksburg (the boyhood home of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz), and many places we’d like to see again, at a slower pace. Thanks again to all who made it possible and all the new friends we made along the way!

Back to the firearms world, this month we wrap up the last of the NRA show videos, as well as include a review of the S&W M&P 10 Sport AR-15 with the Trijicon AccuPoint 2.5-10×56, all listed below.

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The July update of GUNSTRUCTION (v7.3) comes with a new title sponsor for the AR308 platform, fellow Floridians, Spike’s Tactical! Long requested by GUNSTRUCTION users, Spike’s is a very welcome addition to the GUNSTRUCTION family. Over 80 of their American Made parts have been added to the builder, covering the AR308 and AR15 platforms, in a variety of calibers. Look for more Spike’s product to be added in future parts drops.

Also in this update users will find a unique solution to firearm restrictions in Canada. Our partners at Macabee Defense have developed an AR-style receiver set that does not use pins to hold the upper and lower together or install the trigger components. While it is unfortunate that our friends in the great white north have to resort to such measures, this does allow them to build and enjoy AR-style rifles. The upper and lower interface via a t-slot, while the trigger components are installed in a drop-in pack that is included with the lower. Check it out!

Finally, from time to time we still receive messages from users returning to the app after an extended hiatus, writing to express confusion or frustration that the app’s paid features no longer work. If you find yourself in that group, don’t worry. Check out the last three topics in our FAQ, which explains the reason for the change and how to get your purchases restored. Welcome back!

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New ARFCOM Videos
Smith & Wesson M&P 10 Sport

Mod 7 Tactical Scope – Riton Optics

.224 Valkyrie – Windham Weaponry

Accupower Long-Range and Green Dot MRO – Trijicon

TACSTAR AR-15 and Shotgun Accessories – Lyman

Custom 509 – FN America

45 Degree Offset BattleSight and Anti-Jam Magazine – Gun Pro

M&P 380 Shield EZ – Smith & Wesson

Viper Binoculars, Crossfire Red Dot, Strike Eagle and Razor HD- Vortex Optics

SOCC CQB Featuring Lucille from The Walking Dead – Troy

AR9G, 458 Ham’r, Rob Haught Shotgun – Wilson Combat

Direct from Modern-Musket / NRA-ILA Updates
The Supreme Court Strikes Down Law that Targeted Gun Owners’ Speech

The Supreme Court struck down a Minnesota law that forbade voters from wearing “political insignias” at polling places after the law was challenged by a voter who was told he must remove or cover his Tea Party shirt.

It is beyond a doubt that the state’s application of the law unfairly discriminated against the free speech of NRA members. The lawyer for the state himself told the court that, under the law, a shirt with the slogan “Parkland Strong” would be permissible, while an NRA shirt would not. Ironically, while a shirt displaying the text of the First Amendment would be allowed, a Second Amendment shirt, which “could be viewed as political” would not.

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D.C. Area Witches Unite for Gun Control, Hurl Curses at theNRA gunncontrol advocates can now boast of a new group of allies joining their dubious coalition: witches.

It kind of makes sense.

We all know that gun control is based mainly on magical thinking.

Its advocates, after all, ask us to believe we’re just a few more “commonsense safety measures” away from a world in which evil people who are otherwise determined to kill others refrain from doing so for fear they might violate a gun control law somewhere along the way.

Full Story

Not So Breaking News: Trio of Anti-Gun Orgs Rehash Worn-Out Gun Control Policies

This week the press gleefully reported the anti-gun pronouncements of a trio of diverse special interest groups. The Washington Post announced, “Frustrated [American Medical Association] adopts sweeping policies to cut gun violence.” In a separate piece, addressing statements by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), the Post blared “Police chiefs plot new strategies against gun violence and mass shootings.” Politico reported, “Conference of Mayors passes resolutions favoring gun control.” In other breaking news, water is wet and the sun rises in the East.

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A Royal Pain: UK Malcontents Throw Tantrum over Prince George’s Toy Gun

The United Kingdom’s legions of miserable scolds are at it again. A mere two weeks after admonishing an English national team soccer player for a firearm tattoo, the anti-gun whiners have found a new target. This time the killjoys have deemed it their station to lecture the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on proper parenting.

The sad controversy erupted on June 10, as Kate Middleton, Prince George, and his sister Princess Charlotte watched Prince William participate in the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy in Gloucestershire. During the match, four-year-old George was pictured playing in the grass with an orange-tipped toy revolver and a toy knife. According to an account from Gloucestershire Live, the revolver was a squirt gun the future king won as a carnival prize.

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Trump Administration’s Proposed Rulemakings a Win-Win for America’s Firearms Industry, National Security

On Thursday, the Trump Administration published two rule-makings designed to enhance the competitiveness of American companies in the firearms and ammunition sectors, remove burdens for small businesses, and modernize export controls for the post-Cold War era. The moves will benefit both the domestic firearms industry and improve national security. The publication of the proposals also triggered a 45-day comment period during which members of the public can provide feedback on the plans and share their own experiences with the underlying regulations.

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