Some commentary on Tennessee Politics – Diane Black one for, one against

Diane Black Thank you Tennessee @
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Some commentary on Tennessee Politics – Diane Black one for, one against

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Before the election:

Can we possibly be smarter in this Governor’s race?

When it was obvious in 2010 that we had influenced our first big election, do you recall feeling powerful, that we could shake things up? Then within another year, disgusted and disheartened because our victorious candidates seldom represented our wishes? They did it to us again, didn’t they? No. Here’s how we did it to ourselves.

And here’s how we can avoid the same mistake this coming August.

In 2006’s general election, Republicans put Bob Corker in the U.S. Senate though the informed conservatives knew there were two men of a more reliable and tested cloth who together garnered 51% of Republican votes but big deal. So what? That 51% was as meaningful to us as it was to Hillary that she won the 2016 popular vote. Planned better, we could have not had Corker but Van Hilleary or Ed Bryant as our U.S. Senator. Being right affects policy very little without an election victory over Corker’s 48%.

Progressive Governor Haslam easily won the general election in 2010. As with Corker, Haslam became his party’s candidate only because the other two competitive contenders again took a majority of the conservative votes between themselves. Haslam’s 47% prevailed because Wamp and Ramsey divided their conservative 51% vote between themselves.

Eight key reminders of why the Corker and Haslam primary elections turned out poorly for us: Iran Treaty, Gas Tax, ObamaCare, Refugee Resettlement, anti-Trump, illegal immigration, Shariah Law, Medicare Expansion.

If Van Hilleary had withdrawn his name from the primary, would we have had a Senator Ed Bryant? If Ron Ramsey in 2010 had withdrawn himself as a candidate for governor, would we now be seeing the end of Governor Wamp’s administration? I knew that Haslam was progressive and I suspected the same of Corker, knowing so at his second election…didn’t you? Truthfully, didn’t you?

Tennessee’s state legislature is getting ready to undergo significant turnover at the same time that we will be choosing the Republican gubernatorial candidate, a choice this time with no room to repeat the errors of past primary elections.

Bill Lee has no voting record by which to judge his candidacy but he does have a public record of “business decisions” – that is, where he knowingly and voluntarily chose to spend his money supporting political campaigns and entities.

Based in part, on this record, I’m respectfully calling upon Bill Lee and his supporters to end their campaign.

I have intuitive doubts about the accuracy of the Star’s recent polling. What is not intuitive is the revelation that Bill did, in fact, give money to Bredesen in his 2004 campaign. As Governor, Bredesen raised property taxes no less than three times in five years and Bredesen gave thousands of dollars to Clinton/Gore.

At the time of Bill’s $5,000 donation to the 2010 Haslam campaign, Zach Wamp led in the polls. Since 2011, Bill has donated $3,500 to the Nashville Business Coalition who pass on their monies to Democrat candidates…only.

Just doing business?

As outlined previously, Bill’s $5,000 donation in 2014 to the Williamson County Chamber of Commerce’s PAC went entirely to those school board candidates who are contemptuous of our 912 values, aligning themselves with George Soros and SEIU. In that same Email, Bill’s donation to disgraced Nashville Mayor Megan Barry was described.

I have no doubt that Bill Lee should enjoy a wonderful reputation as an honorable man and as a genuinely spiritual, charitable Christian; it is no act. As genuine as Bill Lee is, we must also be. Bill is capable and tested in business but we need a governor that is capable at knowing the signs of our times when our culture is under assault by ideas and appetites that want to remove eternal values from our country and from our communities.

Bill’s donations to people and causes that we oppose and which work to actively undermine our values have been glossed over by some who say that his donations are part and parcel of doing basic business, that those donations don’t mean a thing other than “Yeah, I gave at the office”.

Bill’s donations are legal, voluntary, and knowing, but are they judicious?

In 9/12, we don’t have the business and outside work principles, there’s only one set. There cannot be principles for Bill’s choices at work and another set for outside work. Does Bill or does not Bill resist the Chamber of Commerce, its PAC, NEA, SEIU, the Democrat Party, George Soros, Shariah Law? I am a businessman and have many businessmen friends who recognize the threat to our culture and country and would never consider a donation to a candidate of the Democrat party unless of the Zell Miller kind.

As good a man as Bill Lee is, due to his non-existent participation in the conservative political struggle these past ten years and an uncertainty on important issues, I fear his naiveté with respect to the forces destroying the American culture.

Boycott Target Stores Transvestite at

Boycott Target Stores Transvestite at

A close friend in a private meeting with Bill Lee asked, “If a bill from the legislature is presented to you that confines boys to boys showers, will you sign it?”


Bill vacillated, citing complexities and legal entanglements, appearing to be overwhelmed by the gray of his answer but yet couldn’t affirmatively and unhesitatingly answer, “Absolutely”.

The same friend, also in a private meeting with Diane Black posed the identical question. With no delay, she replied, “Yes, of course”.

Beth Harwell is no threat to win this race, only Randy Boyd can win if Diane Black does not. Constitutionalists and conservatives will have to choose between voting for Diane or for Bill. More polling may show that in his Williamson County and Maury County he may be leading but across the state, Bill is falling behind. When that happens, candidates typically will slash their spending for ads. This past week, Bill withdrew his commitment for advertising by $328,000.

To prevent a Randy Boyd-left-of-a-Haslam governorship, I ask the candidate trailing in the polls to step aside, not for the good of the party but for the good of the state.

One last thing, as important as this race is, our most critical race is the U.S. Senate race between Marsha Blackburn and Bredesen. Please be involved.

Congressman Diane Black -- at

Congressman Diane Black — @ Hoax and Change


After the election:

I accept your experiences as being true although context isn’t always in the mind of those who read the many charges against Diane. I compliment you for providing a factual account, albeit, personal.

Everyone who’s read me knows that I prefer a “shut down” rather than pass a CBR. Equally, I hated the trashy, porkish Omnibill that passed last year that gave us the funds to rebuild our military. You and I favored that part didn’t we while we also hated the rest. By the way, one of our heroes, Trump, reluctantly signed off on it as you and I were gracious and understanding. But would you say our regard for Trump and Black was absent consistency? By voting against Omnibus, Diane’s accusers could honestly claim that she voted against the wall and against rebuilding the military without fully disclosing that she always favored the wall and a fearsome military.

I’ve only seen scorn and contempt for a politician like this with Trump. The lie of state, no-bid contracts to enrich the Black family was repeated until it was no longer an accusation. Aegis secured state contracts in 1996, three years before Diane served in office and how exactly does a member of our legislature hijack that function of the governor’s office?

If while in Congress the Black family wealth increased to forty million dollars, is doing so a function of graft and bribes or having started a company years before with a value of $700 million?

Some of your and my friends were against Diane because of the size and magnificence of a house that was paid for by their own money. Some said that it looked “Islamic”.

On election night, one hour after arriving home, I asked everyone to support Bill Lee. Today, two days after the election, I see where Diane is accused of helping Islamists, being both a witch and a bitch and that she’ll do a stopover in prison before going into hell. Will legislators, the people we hope to influence, see us as a united force deserving their attention? These posts are all public. Will attacks on people of influence like Carol Swain, create in her an eagerness or a hesitancy to speak for Bill Lee or does it even matter?

She, I, and others in good conscience endorsed Diane Black on the basis of our personal principles. If all of those people who did the same for Diane are inconsequential to Bill Lee competing against Carl Dean then it will make no difference whether there’s a continued venom and hatred upon Diane, the person we chose. Who needs a meager 182,000 votes? “Crumbs”, Pelosi might add.

Let me open with this: I’m not mad at ANYONE who supported Diane. Thomas Jefferson said, “I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as a cause for withdrawing from a friend.” I agree with him. My opinion of a fellow Conservative doesn’t change based on who they support in a primary, so long as they’re honest about the good and bad of their candidate; as in don’t completely ignore or excuse the bad, and don’t exaggerate the good. I also know that “being honest” is speculative to a degree; one’s experiences with a person causes them to assume either “good” or “bad” in a gray area. Myself included. I’m not immune. So, I try to be honest. But, I also freely admit that it’s likely my perception of her, from my own experiences, causes me to side against Diane in “gray areas”. Just want to make sure we’re all on the same page, and a baseline perspective is laid. I 100% believe you and Dr. Swain supported her in “good conscience”, just as my conscience led me in another direction.

I’ve seen much of the vitriol as well, usually from the same suspects. I said very little about any candidate this election cycle, other than in a couple of discussions on other peoples’ threads, and on my own wall only once, on election night. And I think I’ve restrained from vitriol because I don’t “hate” her. Though I probably was a little “un-classy” that night. But I agree that vitriol is uncalled for, and we should support whoever wins the primary. Some get so enchanted or so dismayed with candidates that they can’t see past their own noses once the primary is over. I’m not that guy. Had she won, I’d have made no post that night. I’d likely have shown no open support of her though, up until the voting booth in November, where she’d have gotten my vote as the “best candidate left” against the Democrat. However, I’m glad she’s out of office. Somewhat personal, mostly I feel she was ineffective.

where she’d have gotten my vote as the “best candidate left”

I have stated a bazillion times that holding a politician accountable for an entire budget is a dirty trick; because, you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Remember when Mae Beavers would refuse to vote “yes” for a bloated budget, and Susan Lynn voted “yes” for the same budget? Opponents of Lynn would say, “Susan Lynn voted to abort babies” and opponents of Mae would say, “Beavers voted against money to fix bridges, so kids will die”. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So, my disdain for Diane’s performance is not on budget votes, but that she RAN ON (her words; repeatedly) ending the continuing resolutions, cutting the national debt, quit raising the debt ceiling, repeal Obamacare. She failed on all accounts. When she ran on those lines the debt was $13T. It’s now $21T. She can’t be held accountable for everything, but she can for some. She voted to incrementally increase the debt ceiling. She ran probably a dozen “Repeal Obamacare” Bills through the House when they wouldn’t pass. How many now, since “her Party” controls the entire federal apparatus? Etc., etc. In my opinion, ineffective.

Diane Black Thank you Tennessee @

Diane Black Thank you Tennessee @

And forgive me, but I’m less certain than you about the innocence of the Aegis/wife-in-office connection. Many red flags on this one. As you stated, Aegis secured contracts prior to Diane being in office. Ok, but did they secure over 20 years worth? They repeatedly secured contracts during the 20+ years she was in office, including no-bids. Is one responsible for the other? Speculations. Perceptions. Some will see one thing, others another. No hard “proof” either way. But, most people who want to be in office so bad that they spend millions of their own money to (supposedly) only make thousands throw up MAJOR red flags for me. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, the Kennedys — no Conservative bats an eye believing them to be corrupt for those reasons. But Diane gets a pass? Again, I’m less certain. (I said “most”, because Trump’s motives never scared me, spending personal Million$$ running for POTUS.)

I never should’ve mentioned the house, in hindsight. Because honestly, I have no problem with her building the biggest house in the State. None at all. I have no problem with their wealth. It’d be nice to be like them. My concern is whether or not her influence in government was a factor in that. I’m skeptical. But short of proof one way or the other, I should’ve kept their purchases out of it. I believe that me admitting I’m skeptical if they made their money honestly is acceptable, but scrutinizing their purchases is not. Because you’re right — there are MANY people who dislike her simply for being rich. Class envy. Envy. Pointless. Sinful. Not good. Period. So consider that point redacted from anything I ever said.

But from the bottom of my heart — thank you for this post. We can keep going or stop here. I’m fine either way. My opinion of you hasn’t been altered in the least, as I hope yours of mine has not. I agree with you in much, just very little in regard to Diane. Your perspective. My perspective. Friends.

My thoughts on yesterday’s election…

First I’m kinda happy with Bill Lee’s win. He was my third choice and here’s why…
I knew my first choice, Kay White was a long shot. But I stayed with her because of friendship and principle. She truly was the most conservative but did not have the financial backing to get any traction. My 2nd choice was Black, mostly because of Lee’s comments on transgender bathrooms and the fact that Dianne had a good voting record in Congress (better than our own Phil Roe).

Lee should be a better governor than Haslam, but the comments on transgender bathrooms troubled me. Being noncommital may be good for politics, but on something this important in the light of the Bible, you just can’t give a Lukewarm answer.


Lee should be a better governor than Haslam, but the comments on transgender bathrooms troubled me. Being noncommital may be good for politics,

Tenessee Republican Governor Candidate - Afraid to take a stand @

Tenessee Republican Governor Candidate – Afraid to take a stand @

but on something this important in the light of the Bible, you just can’t give a Lukewarm answer. I think he might have some of you fooled, and turn out to be a man that is led by polls and politics. I hope I am wrong, as I was with Donald Trump. But, you must admit, Trump never backed down from the media with a wimpy reply. I was never a Beth Harwell fan, initially because of the deceitful way she explained the Common Core problem had been solved with “TN Standards”. And, most recently with her push for legalized marijuana (which I’ll expound on below). Randy Boyd would have been like Haslam, but worse. Not a conservative on many issues, especially on tax and spend. I’m so happy you saw through him.

I was happy to see Marsha Blackburn

Congressman Diane Black -- @ Hoax and Change

Congressman Diane Black — @ Hoax and Change

win big. She should have no problems with Bredesen this fall, especially with the help of a very popular president. I was hoping McKinley would do better against Phil Roe, in order to wake him out of his compromising stupor. I could not get behind McKinley due to his statements on Medical Marijuana. Here’s why I have a problem with med hooch…

I’ve watched the decay of MI after legalizing med-mar a few years ago. I personally know one of their key growers, having been his home where he grows the stuff, watched his lifestyle and that of his friends and family. It is not a pretty picture. There is a form of the plant that has the positive medicinal effects without the high. I’m open to that. I’m also for decriminalizing pot, enough so it can’t be used as a criminal justice tool to keep, otherwise law-abiding people, in prison.

If you’re a “pro-pot Christian” lend me your ear. According to the Bible, the sins of alcohol (wine) are “drunkenness” and being a “stumbling block”. Otherwise, it does not condemn wine and even talks of its medicinal use. If the substance can be used for medicinal purposes without the “high” that’s fine. However, if it’s being used as a drug for the high, it is sin. Not only because of what the Bible says about the “alcohol high” but, in a careful study, you can find scriptures condemning the mixture of chemicals producing a drug for the purpose of getting high. I’m not saying getting drunk or high will “take you straight to hell”. But I believe it will stunt your spiritual growth in Christ.

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