New York Post -> Grassley refuses to delay Kavanaugh hearing, won’t back FBI investigation

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New York Post -> Grassley refuses to delay Kavanaugh hearing, won’t back FBI investigation

SEPTEMBER 20, 2018
Grassley refuses to delay Kavanaugh hearing, won’t back FBI investigation
Sen. Chuck Grassley on Wednesday refused to delay Monday’s hearing on sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh — or pursue an FBI investigation into the accusations. In a letter…

De Blasio has secret meeting with Red Sox management
Red Alert! Mayor Bill de Blasio met secretly with Red Sox brass for a 90-minute lunch…

How Golf Digest helped free an innocent man from prison
One prisoner in upstate New York just got a major stroke of luck. A wrongly convicted…

Kardashian trust buys $12M Coachella-area mansion
The Kardashians are coming to Coachella.

Dems: Trump must apologize for refusing to accept Puerto Rico death toll
WASHINGTON – More than 130 Democrats from the House and Senate signed a letter to President…

Broadway bigs ‘less than thrilled’ over Emmy winner’s shock proposal
“Glenn has produced and directed the Tonys for CBS for many years, and is known as…

Shocking report accuses Ticketmaster of colluding with scalpers
Ticketmaster is essentially accused of colluding with scalpers — and collecting double fees in the process…


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Man accused of killing parents, shooting at ex-wife dead after police manhunt
A man in suburban Philadelphia allegedly shot at his ex-wife and then gunned down his parents at a retirement home on Wednesday, officials said….
City may have to pay out $1.7B over biased teaching exam
Taxpayers shelled out $98 million over a discriminatory FDNY screening test just four years ago — but that’s pocket change compared to the $1.7…
Yankees officially have new cult hero
Ride the Luke Voit home run wave. Ride it with the same kind of smile Voit flashes when he rounds the bases. Ride it…
China has the ultimate weapon in trade war with US
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said something the other day that was either right on the mark or profoundly stupid. Only time will tell which…
The drive to sink Kavanaugh is liberal totalitarianism
If Senate Democrats and their media allies manage to destroy Brett Kavanaugh, they will bring America one step closer to a new, liberal style…


‘Downton Abbey’ movie set for fall 2019 release
Focus Features will release the highly anticipated film next September.
This Gucci swimsuit has a major problem — you can’t swim in it
When you buy a swimsuit, there’s generally one thing you expect from it – to be able to wear it in the pool. So…
High school says new relaxed dress code is less ‘sexist’
ALAMEDA, Calif. — The relaxed new dress code at public schools in the small city of Alameda, across the bay from San Francisco, is…
Warriors co-owner part of group in talks to buy Sports Illustrated
Hollywood producer Peter Guber is part of the group that includes billionaire Dan Gilbert, best-selling author Tony Robbins and Josh Pollack, all now in…
PlayStation Classic hitting shelves in time for Christmas
It looks like Nintendo is about to have some competition in the nostalgic mini console market. Sony introduced the PlayStation Classic on the PlayStation…
Inside New York City’s wildest, most whimsical homes
New Yorkers are unabashedly nosy, especially when it comes to other people’s homes. Wendy Goodman is a native, so she knows this all too…
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