Dangerous Times: Democrats Call Every GOP Victory Illegitimate

RUSH: Well, it’s beginning to look like Broward County is going to meet the 3 o’clock deadline this afternoon to have all of their ballots recounted, something about 300 and some odd additional ballots that were somewhat damaged had to be copied, reexamined. There is a question about signatures being valid on these ballots.

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Trump has caused a firestorm by suggesting the ways Democrats cheat. People go in and vote and they go back outside, they change clothes, put on a different shirt, different cap, go back in and vote. CNN is beside itself with this allegation. Another one of these “Trump with no evidence claims that.” They’ve been asking every Republican guest this morning if they’ve ever seen anything like that. And every Republican, “Well, fraud, obviously, state of Florida.”

What about what the president said? Have you ever seen that happen? What’s so hard about saying yes? Does anybody doubt that goes on? Just because Trump says it, it automatically cannot be true? For crying out loud, that’s nothing compared to some of the fraud attempts that are made.

Now, up in Palm Beach County, where we happen to habitate, it’s a different circumstance. Palm Beach doesn’t look like they’re gonna make the deadline for recount this afternoon. Yesterday they blamed their voting machines. The real problem, however, is the Democrat Party machine, folks, which is only too well-oiled and effective at screwing around with elections and so forth. The election supervisor there, Susan Bucher, is claiming all kinds of problems. And if you look at photographs out of the Palm Beach County headquarters, nothing going on there! Nobody there! Not doing anything!

“Well, there’s some questions, Mr. Limbaugh, about signatures.” What do you mean, signatures? Well, yeah, well, when you go vote, you have to sign — most places — well, where I vote it’s electronic, you sign with a pen like on an iPad or something. And how many people do you think really spend time getting their signature, scrawl the thing on there. So the Democrats are trying to say that there’s some signature irregularities, and of course there’s some problems with the provisional ballot, and then there’s a problem of undetermined origin with the mail-in ballots.

So the bottom line is the deadline is less than four hours away, maybe three hours now, and the pictures from the Palm Beach County elections headquarters yesterday and this morning show that there doesn’t seem like anything’s going on there. Nobody in the offices and the tables are bare, the machines are silent. It doesn’t look like anything is going on.

Now, I know that this is ancient history to some people. You go back to the year 2000 in the Florida recount, Palm Beach County was given a three-hour extension to finish counting votes. But they didn’t finish in three hours or three days. And now they’re seeking a two-day extension. They want to be allowed to continue to count until Saturday. Back in 2000, these granted delays, Palm Beach County took up to three weeks. They just kept counting. I mean, they didn’t stop recounting until the Supreme Court shut it down.

And I will never forget, the Florida Supreme Court was where everybody was going to get judgments on this. And the U.S. Supreme Court had issued an order ordering the count stopped, and nobody stopped it. So the U.S. Supreme Court — I’m really shortening the story — had to get involved. Again, they issued another order to stop the recount.

I’ll never forget the chief judge of the Florida Supreme Court reading the order from the United States Supreme Court, “Well, they’re telling us, the U.S. Supreme Court, that we gotta stop. So I guess we gotta stop.” Um.” He seemed totally perplexed, the chief judge of the Florida Supreme Court, didn’t quite know what to do.

It wasn’t even that he was miffed or upset. It just looked like he didn’t quite get what was going on, like what do these guys have to do with anything? But he realized that when the Supreme Court said something, they had to follow it. So that’s how it all happened. If it weren’t for that, they would have kept counting and counting and counting in Palm Beach County until they got what they wanted.

Now, back in Broward, Brenda Snipes is saying that none of the provisional ballots that she reportedly commingled with regular ballots were counted. Don’t worry about it, she says. Well, why were they commingled? Provisional ballots and regular ballots, why were they commingled? Provisional ballot, by definition, we don’t yet know, it has to be determined ballot by ballot whether it’s legal or eligible. But they got commingled.

It’s one of the tricks, you put provisional ballots in with the regular ballots and then therefore you hide the provisional ballots. If you commingle them, it means that you are attempting to get provisional ballots automatically judged as eligible. And she is saying here that none of the provisional ballots that were reportedly commingled, that she commingled with regular ballots, were counted. So there’s nothing to worry about here.

It’s peculiar since the two attorneys that she has hired to represent her say they were counted! Her own lawyers say those provisional ballots were counted! And I have no doubt they were because that’s where the Democrats’ last hope is for all of this, to overturn the legitimate first count, the 12,000-vote lead that Rick Scott has over Nelson, the 33,000-vote lead that DeSantis has over Gillum, the provisional ballots have always been the place where strange things can happen. And nobody knows how many there are.

And they have been very reticent, both of these counties have been very reticent to release the total number of ballots that came in. And you have to do that within two days because that then forms the baseline of when all the recounts take place. It’s kind of hard to believe that the provisional ballots were not counted since they were commingled with 205 other votes. That’s the whole point of it. You commingle ’em and you hide them!

Once you start commingling provisional ballots — and they look like any other ballot. But if you haven’t taken time the determine whether or not the voter who submitted those ballets is eligible or not, then you don’t know if they’re legal. But if you commingle ’em you make ’em all look the same, and in a hurried process like this where there are deadlines, commingling is meant to confuse and obfuscate and fudge the numbers.

Now, I made a point – I’ve been making this point for a while, actually for a long time, but it has really intensified in the last couple of days. One of the Democrat Party’s now commonplace techniques is to claim that every Republican victory is illegitimate. Every one. And they did this starting in 2000. The Bush presidency was illegitimate because of the Florida recount. So the Bush presidency, therefore things that happened in the Bush presidency, were illegitimate.

They said the same thing in 2004. John Kerry said that Bush victory was illegitimate because he was somehow short-changed out of 55,000 votes in Ohio. Now, there was no claim of illegitimacy in 2008 or 2012 because the Democrats won the presidency there, but you now come to 2016, and Trump is, of course, illegitimate, his election’s illegitimate because of the Russians and their being involved.

Folks, this is not gonna end in a good place, when you have a party here that refuses to accept election results. And I don’t just mean they go ahead and allow Republicans to be seated, it’s the way they conduct themselves every day after that. If every Republican winner is illegitimate — and that’s the Democrat Party’s official position, backed up of course by the Drive-By Media, then what is gonna be the day-to-day reporting on Republican administrators, presidents, members of Congress, any elected official who wins is essentially going to be besmirched and impugned as illegitimate. And this has become a tactic. It’s become a Democrat strategy.

And I want to you to listen to two sound bites here. This is how bad this is getting. And you know how unstable, how psychologically unstable the Democrat base is. And I think this is one of the reasons why Democrats are starting to get guns and shoot people, why they are starting to try to intimidate people, why they are turning into mobs, because their own elected officials are essentially sanctioning it and sponsoring it.

Even Jorge Ramos, this guy — where is he, Telemundo, Univision? He was on some other television network (paraphrasing), “It’s a beautiful thing to watch these mobs go out and harass conservatives. It is a wonderful, beautiful thing to see. It is a justifiable thing. Every conservative deserves to be bullied and deserves to be harassed.” Jorge Ramos, whatever his name is. If you really want to irritate them, pronounce it Jorge. Yes, Univision.

But let’s go to the Al Sharpton — nope. We’ll get to that in a minute. We’re gonna first go to Austin, University of Texas at Austin, the school of public affairs presented its inaugural In the Arena Award to Hillary Clinton. And during the Q&A, after receiving the In the Arena Award, Mrs. Clinton had this to say about the Georgia gubernatorial race.

HILLARY: I know Stacey well. She was one of my really strong surrogates in the campaign. If she’d had a fair election, she already would have won.

RUSH: If she had had a fair election, she already would have won. This is the height of irresponsibility. This woman is running around, Hillary Clinton, harboring an anger and a bitterness over being rejected. She’s been rejected by her own party once. She’s been rejected by the American people twice. They rejected her health care bus back in 1993, ’94, whenever she was driving that bus coast-to-coast to get Hillarycare up and running, the American people rejected that and laughed at her.

She’s the most cheated-on woman in America by her husband and other Democrats. The American people rejecting her in 2016. The Democrats rejected her in 2008. And now she’s running around saying that if Stacey Abrams in Georgia had had a fair election, she already would have won! This is the height of irresponsibility.

But it’s right along the lines of what is beginning to become a rote day-to-day existence, the Democrat Party. They refuse to accept election results where they lose. This is only the beginning of this. This cannot end up anywhere peaceful.

Along the same lines, Sherrod Brown. He was at the Al Sharpton convention in Washington, the National Action Network Legislative and Policy Conference. And he was talking about the Georgia gubernatorial race.

BROWN: If Stacey Abrams doesn’t win in Georgia, they stole it. It’s clear. It’s clear. They can’t win elections ’cause there’s way more of us than there are of them.

RUSH: Way more of us than there are of them. And they can’t win elections, they can’t. So they stole it. So you’ve got Hillary Clinton and Sherrod Brown out there saying that the election in Georgia was stolen! Meanwhile, it’s the Stacey Abrams campaign that’s trying to steal it.

Now, these people are speaking without evidence. They’ve got no evidence whatsoever to back this up at all. And all they’re doing is feeding red meat to these deranged lunatics that make up a majority of their voting base.

So Republicans are illegitimate. Republicans never win. Every Republican victory is unjust and immoral and should not count. This is a dangerous thing. We can examine psychologically where does it come from, the fact that Democrats feel entitled. I think this is all wrapped up in Trump. I think they are still so discombobulated that Donald Trump won that they’re losing their minds. And they’re not the only ones.

Kellyanne Conway’s lawyer husband, George Conway, has put together a conservative group of lawyers against Trump, and they were all over CNN today. CNN loves ’em. Had the banner chyron: “Conservative lawyers against Trump.” They had some woman who’s a spokesman, “No, no, no, no, no. We’re not against Trump. We are for the rule of law. It’s a mistake to say that we’re against Trump.” You are against Trump. You’re no different than the Never Trumpers on the Republican side.

Jeff Flake, outgoing senator from Arizona, he will not vote, he will not participate in the confirmation of any of Trump’s judicial nominees until the Senate passes legislation to protect Robert Mueller. Robert Mueller isn’t gonna be fired. Robert Mueller isn’t going anywhere. I think Trump would love to get rid of the guy, but it isn’t gonna happen. And Flake is purely operating out of Trump hatred. All of these people are.

Trump has turned these people inside out and upside down. They can’t get over it. Even after they win the House back, these people cannot adjust. They cannot get close to normalcy again. These are dangerous times, I fear.