Democrat Mobs Stealing Elections in Florida and Arizona

RUSH: A lot of my friends are emailing me about this Whitaker situation, the acting attorney general after Sessions had been fired. And I’m also getting a lot of notes from people, “This is a really bad move to fire Sessions. You know, Sessions, he was the best guy Trump could have had in implementing his anti-immigration agenda. People just don’t know it, don’t know all the great work Sessions was doing because Sessions is not a front-and-center, hey, look at me, notice me guy, and he’s not a wartime consigliere type personality, but, man, it’s gonna be a big, big loss.”

And I got people talking to me about his replacement Whitaker and whether or not this is constitutional or not. And I’m saying to everybody that sends me this notes, “Are you watching what’s going on in Arizona and Florida?” I mean, that, to me, is the story. The Democrats are again stealing the election. I think Arizona is gone. I think Arizona is gone.

The difference is, “Mr. Limbaugh, Arizona’s traditionally kind of late. There’s so many mail-in ballots, it takes a while to count them.” There’s no counting going on! They’re looking for votes. Nobody’s counting votes in Arizona right now. The Democrats are looking for votes, they’re casting votes, who knows what’s going on, but they’re not looking for them.

In Florida a schoolteacher in Miramar found a box. You know what was in it? Ballots. She said, “Why, this looks like it might be important, some ballots.” In fact, the way this is shaking out in Florida I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Christine Blasey Ford was involved in it because the format of what’s happening in Florida is identical to the way they came forward late in the game in the Kavanaugh hearings.

And the governor here, Rick Scott, is not sitting around and taking it. He is filing suit against the election people in both Palm Beach County and Broward, which is where the Democrats, if you look at that red-blue map that we showed you of Texas yesterday, if you look at that map in Florida where we are, and maybe not so much Tampa, but where we are is the deep blue part of the state.

When the Democrats need to steal an election this is where they come. They own everything to do with the polling places, the election centers. They run these two counties, Broward and Palm Beach. You can throw Miami-Dade in there too. That would complete that big swath of deep blue and south Florida on the Atlantic coast side. And Rick Scott is threatening legal action. Gillum, who lost the governor’s race, is on the verge of pulling his concession like Algore did, and Gillum has a slogan. I want to tell you what the slogan means.

Gillum is out there saying, “We must count every vote.” That is code. In Florida — I want to remind you of something. Those of you who were here and of age, meaning old enough to be paying attention, 18 years ago in 2000 — 19 years ago now, in the year 2000, you remember all of the military ballots that were not counted? Remember that controversy?

Do you remember all of the controversy over the provisional ballots? Do you know what a provisional ballot is? A lot of people don’t. And nothing wrong if you don’t. A provisional ballot is a ballot cast by somebody whose eligibility is not known at the time they vote. And rather than slow things down and make a big deal about it, they go ahead and let these people vote and they’re called provisional ballots and after everything’s done, if they need ’em, they go looking at ’em and they inspect them to see if in fact they are cast by eligible voters.

So when Gillum or anybody starts talking about “count every vote,” it means including the provisional ballots. If it hasn’t happened yet, it will very soon, and it will be done the way the left always does. The provisional ballots will be cast by minorities, people of color, the poor, women and children, whoever are the protected class.

The people that are always getting the excrement sandwich in life in America will be those who have cast the provisional ballot. And because these are people that are downtrodden, homeless, hungry, thirsty, we need to really, really, really count them. They need to participate in our process. So the move will be to count every provisional ballot as legitimate and eligible.

“Count every vote” is a dog whistle for “we need to find more votes,” not votes that have been cast. We’re looking for ways to add to vote totals. We are looking for ways to actually cast ballots. That’s what all of this means, and that’s what’s going on.

Now, in 2000, it was James A. Baker, the Bush family consigliere came down here with his aide-de-camp, Margaret Tutwiler, and they ran an operation down here that smoked the Democrats. And it was not easy. It was hard as it can be. And it was done on behalf of George W. Bush. I don’t know that the Republican Party has this kind of desire for Donald Trump. And I don’t know who the James A. Baker III of 2000 would be in 2018 Florida. Hopefully there is somebody. But Rick Scott filing suit is a first step, and it’s a good first step.

Arizona, once the commie babe took the lead out there that’s pretty much it because then they said, “Hey, you know what? We just found a bunch of ballots in the part of Phoenix where the Democrats live.” It was like 500,000 or so, 500,000 ballots from where the Democrats live in Phoenix. I mean, that’s my terminology. But that’s essentially what the situation is there.

And the reason this is happening — and I’m gonna build on this a little bit during the busy broadcast today. Despite the fact that the Democrats won the House, that’s not where the action is as far as these people are concerned. The action is in the judiciary, and that means the Senate. And that’s why, beyond just general principles, that’s why there is so much focus here on rolling back the Republican majority in the Senate, ’cause they have to do that in order to have a shot at stopping any of Trump’s judicial appointments.

Smart Democrats know — and there aren’t very many of ’em — that this full-fledged young Millennial type socialist agenda really isn’t what’s going to make the Democrat Party a majority party. They need the courts. They need the judges. They need to be able to have their own activists in place at various strategic spots in the federal judiciary to be able to legislate from the bench or to rule against legitimate legislation passed by Republican Senate, Republican Congress signed by President Trump, what have you.

They play for keeps. I mean, this is it. This is their whole life, running government and having government be powerful enough to run everybody else. And it’s what happens. These are people who, although it doesn’t look like this, I’m telling you, people who know they’re not yet the majority, this is how they attempt to overcome that deficiency. They’re on their way, don’t misunderstand, but they’re not yet. And it’s close. I mean, you can see in many of these elections it’s very close.

President Trump has gotten involved in this. He tweeted — you know, I mentioned this, I mentioned all of this. I’m not saying the president stole it from me. Don’t misunderstand. I’m just saying that we’re on the same wavelength ’cause yesterday and the day before I started asking in my very famous mocking tone, “Where are the allegations about the Russians? The Democrats lose a bunch of elections, they lost the governorship in Florida, they lost the Senate in Arizona until they didn’t, and they lost the Senate race in Florida. Where are all the allegations about the Russians?”

You remember we had all these promises, all these allegations, all of these warnings that the Russians were attempting to influence the midterm elections. So here come the Democrats losing a bunch of elections. Where’s the talk of all the Russians? I haven’t heard it. Have you? No. Why? Why? Because the Democrats hoped to steal these elections and they don’t want anybody saying that there was outside influence like the Russians that had anything to do with it.

So President Trump tweets, “You mean they’re just now finding votes in Florida and…?” Oh, Georgia, the governor’s race there with Stacy… What is her name, James? (interruption) Stacey Abrams. Stacey Abrams, yeah. The Oprah candidate. Trump said, “You mean they are just now finding votes in Florida and Georgia – but the Election was on Tuesday? Let’s blame the Russians and demand an immediate apology from President Putin!”

This is good. This is good. Just mock ’em. Trump is bashing Broward County, and Brenda Snipes is the Broward County elections official who has a really dubious and questionable past in all this. She’s almost as bad… What was that babe’s name back in 2000, Carol something or other. I was at a Fuzzy Zoeller golf tournament in Indiana when I first saw this woman, when this whole hanging chad business got started.

It was Carol somebody and she was in Palm Beach County and she was nearby where I lived. That’s why I paid attention. What’s her name? Do you remember her last name, Dawn, by any chance? Carol something or other. Blonde, 85, 90 years old probably looking. She was 60, very haggard. Life as a Democrat’s not easy no matter when they win. I can’t remember her name. Anyway, this babe, Brenda Snipes, is a real piece of work.

“Trump took aim at Broward County and its election supervisor, Brenda Snipes today, citing a ‘horrible history’ handling voting results. He said, ‘If you look at Broward County, they’ve had a horrible history. And if you look at the person, in this case the woman involved, she’s had a horrible history.’ Trump was talking to reporters outside the White House today on his way to the helicopter to his way to France.”

He’s got some big meeting over in France coming up. He and Melania departed Washington today. Look how much attention Florida has received. Arizona too. Voting after the polls have closed has captured the attention of the entire country. Voting after the polls have closed. That’s what’s going on. Voting is still going on! When you’re looking for ballots, when you’re saying count every vote, that means you’re looking for ballots, you’re looking for more votes.

And the schoolteacher down in Miramar found a box of ’em. If it works in Florida, why not the NFL? For example, if your team loses in the NFL, why not say, “Wait a minute. We need to extend the game because the referees blew a bunch of calls in this game.” “We need 10 more minutes,” says the losing team. What would people’s reaction be? “You can’t. We have rules. You can’t do that. You lost.” How about if jurors did it after every jury reaches a verdict?

How about the defendant says, “You know, what? I don’t like. I lost. I want a new jury. Bring in a new jury.” How cool would it be for convict murderers to get a new jury after having been found guilty? (interruption) What do you mean, what’s…? (interruption) Of course it would never happen. But why does happen in our elections? “But, Rush! But, Rush! They haven’t been certified.” Exactly. They haven’t been certified because the left still says there are votes out there to be found and they keep finding votes in schoolrooms and trunks of cars.

I think that actually did happen in 2000. Somebody found a box in a…? (interruption) Was it Al Franken they found…? (interruption) Oh, that’s right! It was Franken. It was Franken. They found a box of ballots in the trunk of a car under the spare tire, under the spare. It’s when Franken won his Senate seat. This is exactly a replay of that. Either we have rules or we don’t, and if you’re gonna have rules, they have to be enforced because if you don’t you’re gonna get run over by the mob, and Democrat mobs are trying to seize control of the country.

And they won’t be stopped until they’re stopped. Look at Tucker Carlson. Tucker Carlson’s home gets invaded by a bunch of Antifa people, and the left-wing media say, “Well, I understand it. I think Tucker Carlson needs to understand how he makes people feel with his racism and hate on his television show every night.” Some guy at Vox, a reporter at Vox, Matt Yglesias, says (paraphrased), “Well, I think it’s good!, I think Tucker Carlson and the rest of you, you need to find out what it feels like to be the objects of hate.”

Tucker Carlson had the leader of that group on his show back in 2000. What was his name? Isaacson. September 2017, this clown’s name is… Da-da-da-da. Well, first name I don’t know. Last name is Isaacson. He’s now… (interruption) Mike Isaacson. He’s the Smash Racism D.C. cofounder, and Tucker had him on the show. Tucker was being… You know what Tucker’s gig is. He brings all these leftists on and makes fools of ’em!

Actually, he lets them make fools of themselves. But, see, the point that I want to make about that is having these people on in an attempt to be fair, in an attempt to give them time on the dreaded and hated Fox News, it doesn’t work, does it? (interruption) Carol Roberts. That’s who it was. Carol Roberts, the supervisor of elections in 2000, now been replaced by this Brenda Snipes.

At any rate, you can’t cross the aisle with these people. You cannot be nice to them. This guy that ran the invasion at Tucker Carlson’s house was a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show, and he was treated fairly. These leftists that go on Tucker’s show and make fools of themselves do it because that’s who are they. Tucker just asks ’em questions and has weird looking facial expressions when they say stupid things.


RUSH: Marc Elias is a Democrat lawyer. He is tied to the Clinton campaigns and the dossier. Marc Elias has involvement with the Steele dossier, the one that reported Trump, hired a bunch of prostitutes to urinate on a bed in Moscow that Obama had slept in. He has just been sent to Florida to handle not the recount; he’s here to find votes.

Marc Elias — the attorney general who retained Fusion GPS to produce that BS Trump dossier on the part of the Hillary’s 2016 campaign — has been retained to represent Bill Nelson’s recount effort, Senator Staples here in Florida. He’s got a smile stapled in his cheekbones.

So the president in the air on the way to France tweets, “As soon as Democrats sent their best Election stealing lawyer, Marc Elias, to Broward County they miraculously started finding Democrat votes. Don’t worry, Florida – I am sending much better lawyers to expose the FRAUD!” The Trumpster is on the case.