Jonah Goldberg calls out Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin for trying to science-shame him

What’s worse than Max Boot or Jennifer Rubin? Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin.

This morning, the Washington Post’s resident “conservatives” teamed up to school Jonah Goldberg on Real Science™:

Perversely seeking to maintain ignorance? But enough about you and Max, Jennifer. Jonah Goldberg — an actual conservative — doesn’t have time for your games.

Goldberg can shut them down without even breaking a sweat. And that’s basically what he did:

Or, put another way, sanctimonious blowhards Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin are full of sh*t.

Conservatives like Goldberg can, in fact, acknowledge that science is a thing while simultaneously acknowledging that evidence to support that science is also a thing. But until they buy into the progressive cult, hacks like Boot and Rubin won’t be satisfied.

Or biological sex.

Editor’s note: Here’s the Jonah Goldberg column that Boot was all bent out of shape about. We highly recommend it.