Mueller Is Investigating Trump’s Russia Joke!

RUSH: Now, we’re gonna get into the news of the day, and some of it is just silly. I mean, it’s silly to the point of being depressing. The New York Times with a supposed blockbuster story that Trump wanted to investigate Hillary Clinton and Comey. Well, damn it, they should be! Especially Hillary Clinton should be! This thing going on with Mueller is one of the biggest travesties… I fact, it is. It is the biggest travesty of my lifetime, this entire thing. You know what we’ve learned about this? You know Trump had to submit written answers to questions that this Mueller submitted, and you know what Mueller’s looking at?

We know this because Rudy granted an interview to Axios (a Millennial journalist enterprise) and you know what Mueller is interested in? You know what Mueller wanted answers to? When Trump cracked a joke, “Hey, Russia! If you’re listening, maybe you can find the emails that the media can’t find of Hillary’s — and if you do find ’em, hand ’em over.” A flat-out joke! He was mocking the fact that Hillary’s emails were “missing” and that nobody knew where they were — when, of course, Hillary knew where every damn one of them was because she was the one that deleted ’em and hid them!

This Mueller clown actually thinks that Trump was asking the Russians to hack Hillary’s computers! This is beyond my ability to comprehend this. This culture, this society has lost all sense of any kind of adult sense of humor. It is just beyond me that this is actually what Mueller was focusing on in his written questions to the Trumpster. Holy smokes! This whole thing… I’ve been over this I can’t tell you how many times.

This guy Mueller is running around with preening arrogance thinking he’s the most important savior of whatever the hell needs to be saved in Washington, ignoring crime after crime after crime after crime committed by Hillary Clinton and Comey and the Democrats and the FBI and the DOJ and everybody else tied to Obama! Just ignore all of that real collusion, real election rigging, and go looking after something that hasn’t happened, didn’t happen — therefore, cannot be found — that Trump supposedly did!

If I were Trump, I would have lost my mind over this. I would not have been able to keep my mouth shut about this for as long as he has. They put spies in his campaign! They were trying to find evidence! In fact, they were trying to coerce criminal activity among people in the Trump campaign by having FBI and CIA embedded spies! During the campaign. We haven’t gotten a straight story about what really triggered the investigation in the first place. (interruption)

No, do not doubt me. I have the audio sound bites to prove this coming up. I mean, this is what Rudy Giuliani says that Mueller wants to know. That’s what he asked Trump about in his written questions. (scoffs) I can’t tell you the number of times over the course of my sterling broadcast career that I have cracked jokes and done bits exactly like that. Trump has this ability to mock his critics and to make fun of them and expose their phoniness and their lies, and I’ll tell you this: I think some of these people really don’t get the humor.

I think some of these numskulls really do think that Trump was asking Russia to hack Hillary Clinton. When I saw that poll the other day from YouGov and The Economist, that 42% of the American people literally think the Russians tampered with ballots in 2016? Folks, do you know if that has happened, Trump would be in jail by now! This investigation would have lasted however long it took to determine that. Yet that’s what “collusion” has come to mean.

The media is responsible for this. The Democrat Party is responsible for this. They put the word “collusion” out, and they still talk about this as though it happened when there’s not a shred of evidence. It is bigger than a travesty. It is bigger than an outrage. I don’t know the word to use to describe how ridiculous, dangerous, and whatever else this is. But I don’t want to talk about all that right now, even though I just did. I had to get it off my chest. I can’t…

I literally have run out of adult ways to contain my emotion over this. Andy McCarthy’s out there on TV today saying, “Well, yeah, I think the collusion aspect of the investigation is winding down.” He thinks that because all these innocent people that are being sentenced… Mike Flynn, who didn’t do a thing, is gonna be sent to prison after having his family ruined and his personal wealth wiped out. McCarthy says, “Well, if they’re gonna go ahead and sentence him before using him in whatever he’s got to try to nail Trump, it must mean they’re winding down.”

But Andy thinks that while the collusion stuff (i.e., Russian tampering with the vote machines) is winding down, Mueller is still full speed ahead on obstruction. Then the New York Times has this story out there that Trump was thinking about — thinking! Thinking is a crime! He was thinking about indicting or pursuing Hillary and Comey. But he didn’t! We have a story that has occupied cable news all day about what Trump was thinking of doing.

But he didn’t do it, did he? So what’s the story? We don’t even know if it’s true! I don’t know how many of these people live inside Trump’s head to know what he’s thinking. But it’s a big story. “Trump was thinking…” And then they went, they’ve got and talked to Don McGahn, who was the White House counsel and he’s telling the New York Times, “Yeah, I told Trump that if you investigate Clinton, and if you investigate Comey, it’s grounds for impeachment.” This is Trump’s own lawyer telling him this!

So I guess it’s okay for the entire United States government not in power to investigate Donald Trump from every which direction they want, but Trump can’t turn around as candidate or as president and investigate people who literally committed crimes trying to destroy him! What kind of two-way street…? But I don’t want to talk about all this right now. Ha-ha-ha.