Oh, he’s serious: Rep. Eric Swalwell turns to Snopes to dig him out of his nuking gun owners tweet

Wow, Rep. Eric Swalwell just can’t keep that foot out of his mouth. First, he set all of those crazy militia types straight when it comes to fighting against a tyrannical government. The government has nukes, and all they have is the AR-15s he’d like to confiscate.

You’d think Swalwell would be smart enough to let his ridiculous tweet slide out of the news cycle, but no: on Monday he cited fact-checking site Snopes.com as proof that he didn’t make a “serious threat to nuke gun owners.”

Dude … can we call you dude? Dude, no one thought you were seriously going to nuke gun owners — we’re pretty sure as a congressman you don’t have the launch codes. But the fact that the idea even crossed your mind, let alone made it into a tweet … it’s mind-blowing. This was not “faux outrage.”

What ticked off Second Amendment defenders was that you made their point for them: if a congressman can even suggest nuking American citizens, then yes, there should be a legitimate fear of the government having too much power.