PowerLine -> John Hinderaker – The Elections Aren’t Over Yet + The Southern Poverty Libel Center

PowerLine -> John Hinderaker – The Elections Aren’t Over Yet + The Southern Poverty Libel Center


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  • The Elections Aren’t Over Yet
  • Memo to the Left: You’ll Never Be Sir Roger Scruton Cool
  • Khashoggi, Erdogan, and the Washington Post
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The Elections Aren’t Over Yet

Posted: 09 Nov 2018 04:20 PM PST

(John Hinderaker)How could the rancor of the current political moment get worse? We could have recounts and disputed election results, which, unfortunately, is what is happening. On Tuesday the Republicans appeared to net three Senate seats, but two of them are now being challenged.

In Arizona, for reasons I don’t know, there apparently were a lot of uncounted ballots at the end of Election Day. As those ballots have been tabulated, Martha McSally’s narrow lead over dippy leftist Kyrsten Sinema has evaporated, and Sinema now has a slight lead. Meanwhile, a dispute arose because counties favorable to Sinema were giving voters who mailed in their ballots the opportunity to fix defects in them, while rural voters, on the average more likely to favor McSally, were not getting the same chance.

Republicans sued Wednesday night, and the lawsuit has already been settled. Rural voters will be given an equal right to correct their ballots. Reportedly there are still 400,000 uncounted votes, and the race is a virtual tie.

The situation in Florida, where Governor Rick Scott apparently defeated incumbent Bill Nelson, may be more sinister. Authorities in Broward County have failed to comply with Florida’s election laws–by no means for the first time–and Republicans are crying foul. Marco Rubio has weighed in:

This video,posted by an Independent Cong candidate in 18 (who was endorsed by Bernie Sanders in 16) purports to show BrowardCounty ballots being transported from polling places in private cars.

Has anyone in local media looked into this claim or asked elections dept about it? https://t.co/1JztfdRudn

— Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) November 9, 2018

A new & troubling allegation has emerged. A statement under penalty of perjury that #PalmBeachCounty filled out new ballots to replace damaged ones without allowing campaign representative to witness the process of creating the new ballot as required by #Florida law

— Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) November 9, 2018

Scott, currently Florida’s Governor, has opened fire on his enemies: “I will not sit idly by while unethical liberals try to steal this election,” he said. He has also commenced two lawsuits, both of which he has already won.

Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes has a poor track record when it comes to legal compliance. Republicans not unreasonably suspect that she and her fellow Broward County Democrats are up to no good. Some are claiming that ballots are turning up where they should not be, somewhat like Al Franken’s notorious re-election. See Senator Rubio’s tweet above, also this:

A teacher in Florida found a container labeled “Provisional Ballot Box” in a storage area of her elementary school on Thursday.

I have no idea how deep the voter fraud runs, or how these races will turn out. For whatever reason, Republicans rarely seem to win contested, recounted races. Hence Hugh Hewitt’s book If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat. Time will tell whether the Democrats are cheating, post-election, in Florida and Arizona. But the more important point is that voter integrity is so lax that any number of illegal votes have been cast and irretrievably counted. Those illegal votes may, in the end, give unearned victories to goofy leftist Kyrsten Sinema and inert incumbent Bill Nelson.


Memo to the Left: You’ll Never Be Sir Roger Scruton Cool

Posted: 09 Nov 2018 01:22 PM PST

(Steven Hayward)Up in our Picks section, we have Douglas Murray writing about the latest politically correct attacks on Roger Scruton (“That’s SIR Roger, to you, buddy!”—ed.). I had been wanting to write about this myself since I operate on the general theme that Sir Roger is enjoying a slow but steady vindication in his old age. (He just turned 75, he reminded me when I caught up with him in Washington DC a few weeks back—see below).

But why bother. This is following such a dreary and familiar script that it amounts to a chore like taking out the garbage every week to note the continuing intolerance of the “tolerant and civil” left. (Like the Antifa thugs at Tucker Carlson’s house who didn’t get Hillary’s memo that civility was back in fashion once Democrats won an election.)

Better, I think, is to take in this great tweet thread from Brian Miller, and file it under “You Liberals May Be Cool, But You’ll Never Be Sir Roger Scruton Cool.”

Heck, I can do a few more of these myself:

The Post Office Wanted poster Roger.

The Peter O’Toole Roger.

Pablo Picasso Roger.

Hollywood headshot Roger.

The “I can’t believe you just said something so stupid” Roger.

The “why is my wine glass empty?” Roger.

The “You can’t believe what they call ‘art’ these days” Roger.

The “No, I’m not going to read any more Foucault” Roger.

The “getting schooled by Kelly Jane Torrance” Roger.

SIR Roger!

Okay, so this is a little fuzzy. But we were drinking!

P.S. Week in Pictures for tomorrow is extra long (because election!) and already in the can, and is going to be totally EPIC. Also up an hour earlier than usual in the morning, for you early risers on the east coast. (You know who you are out there, Peter Wood.)


Khashoggi, Erdogan, and the Washington Post

Posted: 09 Nov 2018 09:55 AM PST

(Paul Mirengoff)I understand why the Post wants to keep banging the drum over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. He’s one of their own.

Trying to cause the U.S. to reverse its foreign policy in the Middle East over one more killing in the region, however heinous, seems rather ambitious and, from the point of view of U.S. interests, misguided. But the Post has every right to try.

However, the Post crosses a line when it provides Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a platform to bang his drum, ostensibly in the name of freedom and transparency.

Under Erdogan, Turkey’s human rights record is deplorable. Its treatment of journalists is atrocious.

The Post itself recently ran a story called “Under Erdogan, journalists in peril.” The Post’s Chico Harlan cites the finding by the Committee to Protect Journalists that Turkey jails more journalists than any other nation. Indeed, it jails more than China, Russia, and Egypt combined.

In its 2017/18 report on Turkey, Amnesty International found:

Dissent was ruthlessly suppressed, with journalists, political activists and human rights defenders among those targeted. Instances of torture continued to be reported, but in lower numbers than in the weeks following the coup attempt of July 2016. Any effective investigation of human rights violations by state officials was prevented by pervasive impunity. Abuses by armed groups continued, including two attacks in January.

(Emphasis added)

Yet, here is Erdogan on the Post’s op-ed page demanding transparency from Saudi Arabia regarding the murder of Khashoggi — “journalist and family man.” Are not many of the legion of journalists Erdogan has jailed family men? Are not many of those he has had tortured?

Of course, they are. Erdogan isn’t concerned about the killing of a journalist, family man or not. And though he’s obviously displeased about a Saudi-ordered and executed murder of a friend in Istanbul, that’s not what his op-ed is really about either.

Erdogan’s goal is to discredit and defeat the faction of the Saudi royal family that’s currently ascendant. That’s also a goal of the Post. But this confluence of interests can’t justify running a transparently phony op-ed by a serial human rights violator and opponent of a free press.

The Post’s op-ed page, once the jewel of the newspaper, has become a joke — a festival of Trump bashing in which mediocrities try to outdo one another on a daily basis with “the sky is falling” screeds. With the Erdogan piece, the op-ed page risks becoming a sick joke.


The Southern Poverty Libel Center

Posted: 09 Nov 2018 09:15 AM PST

(Steven Hayward)Scott has been all over the fact that the “respected” Southern Poverty Law Center (which seems to have little to do with either poverty or law) ought to be understood as a hate group, and finally someone in the mainstream media is having second thoughts about whether the SPLC deserves the high regard it receives. The Washington Post Magazine this weekend offers a long feature article by David Montgomery entitled The State of Hate: Researchers at the Southern Poverty Law Center have set themselves up as the ultimate judges of hate in America. But are they judging fairly?” 

The article is very long and extremely wishy-washy on the subject of extremism and the SPLC’s handling of various conservative groups, but in the context of the mainstream media, it might be read as a mild probation for the SPLC. Since the Post has a robust paywall, here are a few key excerpts:

[T]he SPLC undermined its own credibility with a couple of blunders. In 2015, it apologized for listing Ben Carson as an extremist (though not on the hate list), saying the characterization was inaccurate. Then, this past June, the group paid $3.4 million to Muslim activist Maajid Nawaz and his Quilliam organization to settle a threatened lawsuit. The SPLC had listed them in a “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists” (again, not on the main hate list). The SPLC apologized for misunderstanding Nawaz’s work to counter Islamist extremism. . . .

About the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) that the SPLC labels a “hate group”:

Does an alliance of lawyers with conservative Christian leanings that has won nine cases before the U.S. Supreme Court in the past seven years meet that criteria? According to Heidi Beirich, director of the SPLC’s Intelligence Project — which produces the hate list — the decision to put the Alliance Defending Freedom on the list for 2016 was a judgment call that went all the way up to top leadership at the SPLC. . .

Which means it was a political decision. Probably because ADF has such a good track record at the Supreme Court. (It won a couple of its cases on 9-0 and 7-2 votes, which hardly looks like getting the favor of a “right-wing” Court.) More:

The SPLC’s stated goal is to create an unbiased hate list, but forays into political activism by other parts of the organization could certainly hurt the list’s reputation. For the first time, the SPLC recently took a stand on a Supreme Court nomination, urging Alabama’s senators to vote against Brett M. Kavanaugh. It also just formed a political arm called the SPLC Action Fund that can lobby and support ballot measures. I asked Cohen if those advances onto political ground threaten to erode the SPLC’s credibility as a nonpartisan arbiter of hate. “We think it’s important to protect our integrity, the power of our brand, you might say,” Cohen said. “But we also think the issues that we’re advocating for are important.”

Translation: Yup, we’re left-wing partisans.

In the end, it seemed to me that the four groups I visited contained unequal quantities of what even the SPLC calls hate. Yet by its nature, the hate list draws no distinctions, and the SPLC is unapologetic in its view that hate is hate: “I don’t see gradations with these organizations,” [SPLC’s] Beirich says.

Weak stuff, but better than nothing. The SPLC thrives in part because of the deference paid to it by the media. If other media decide to give it more scrutiny, things might change for the better.


Thoughts from the ammo line

Posted: 09 Nov 2018 02:43 AM PST

(Scott Johnson)Ammo Grrrll has an important announcement to make (with an exclamation point for emphasis) in BOOK ROLL-OUT, Volume One! She writes:

Well, dear readers, this is IT! Remember that great scene in The Jerk with Steve Martin when his nebbish character, Navin R. Johnson, goes crazy with joy because the new phone books had arrived and his name was in them? Well, I am almost as excited!

Ammo Grrrll Hits the Target is out on Amazon. It is the compilation of columns from the first “Ammo Grrrll Year” which runs from the end of March 2014 to the end of March 2015. Attractively priced at $9.99 for the e-book and $15.99 for the paperback – well, it’s attractive to ME, anyway — there are instructions in the back of the paperback on how to send off for a personally autographed peel ‘n stick label with Bullet Hole Option! Yes, you read that right! How many autographed books do you have with the impression of a .45 round alongside the signature? Yeah, I thought so. I had a ball shooting up labels all morning. All I can tell you is if I am ever ATTACKED by a peel ‘n stick label at 4 feet or less, that label is TOAST.

A few weeks ago I also alerted readers to the opportunity to get acquainted with the new writer, Max Cossack, whom I have seen shower. Just sayin’. Eat your heart out, Harvey Weinstein. I want to thank Power Line readers and friends who ordered Max’s book Khaybar, Minnesota, and especially those who were kind enough to review it favorably on Amazon. For those who have not yet bought the book, or who have bought it but not yet reviewed it, those opportunities still exist. Supposedly, the Magic # for 5 Star reviews is 50. Almost there!

But enough about Max. He doesn’t even help with the dishes much. Write, write, write, write, write, that’s all Max wants to do – several plays, many CDs full of music, and now, novels! He is hard at work on his second novel. Back to me!

Ammo Grrrll Hits the Target features all but a couple of columns from that first year, plus additional never-before-seen material and a very special surprise at the end. I’m not going to tell you what that surprise is, because then it won’t be a surprise, will it? I am notoriously terrible at keeping secrets. Espionage would not be a wise choice of profession for me or anyone in my family. Here is an example of the secret-keeping chops in my family in a series of phone conversations, all within 10 minutes:

My brother Jim: How’s everything?
Me: Good, how about you?
Jim: Oh, I quit my job, but don’t tell Mom. I’m sure I’ll get another one soon.
Me: It’s a good idea to HAVE a job lined up BEFORE you quit, but whatever. I know you were unhappy there.

Phone rings. It’s Mom.

Mom: Have you heard from Jim lately? I just have a bad feeling that something is wrong.
Me: He’s fine. He’ll be much happier now.
Mom: Now? Why now?
Me: (DOH!) No special reason. Okay, okay, uh, he quit his job. But, he told me not to tell you. So, for Pete’s sake, don’t tell him I told you, OK? Do NOT tell him I told you!

Phone rings.

Jim: What in the hell is the matter with you? I asked you not to tell Mom!
Me: I know. I’m sorry, she tricked me somehow. I specifically TOLD her not to tell you that I had told her!

See what I mean? I’m not good at keeping secrets, and I’m even worse at plugging my own work. Colonel Kurt Schlichter, a columnist I much admire, relentlessly pumps his books in every single column. That is his right and apparently okay with Townhall, but I tend to skip right over the plugs now. To avoid becoming a tedious pest, or worse, being fired, I promise to mention my book only every so often. Like if sales lag. Of course, I have no control over beloved readers, should any of THEM mention it every now and again.

However, you can do your part to keep the column commercial free by just ordering more books every so often and in mass quantities. For those of you who still maintain Facebook pages, maybe plug it there for me. For those without a Facebook account, you might consider sending out an email blast to everyone you’ve ever known who might still remember you like I did. It also makes a fine gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Super Bowl Sunday, or Arbor Day. A personally autographed book LOOKS more expensive than it is!

There will be three more volumes in the series before I am current, one released every couple of months, and then one a year after that, God willing. As long as the Power Line will have me. Thank you in advance for reading me and being more supportive than any writer has the right to expect.

If this book is not successful, I may be forced to be photographed naked. Apparently, judging by recent election efforts, certain unhinged women think this is an effective form of persuasion. Or threat. It wasn’t exactly clear which. Let’s just not let it come to that, okay? My book is only 6 x 9 inches. If that is all I have to cover myself with, I will be forced to make some difficult and disturbing choices.

By now most of what could be said about the election has already been said. I have just a couple of thoughts to add: Money alone was not decisive, as evidenced by the obscene amount squandered on “Beto,” the Irish pretend Hispanic. Also, celebrity endorsements had little or no effect. Poor Babs Streisand will continue to get fatter from TDS and Ms. Swift opted to lose fans to no avail. Nobody gives a rat’s patootie what Cher has to say and never will. It was a blue wave in a toddler’s wading pool. On to 2020.

The important thing is my guy, Glenn Morrison, won for Constable. That and my book is out.


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