The Agenda -> Election perspective now that the dust has settled. + Trump’s new rule on asylum fixes a dangerous loophole.

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The Agenda -> Election perspective now that the dust has settled. + Trump’s new rule on asylum fixes a dangerous loophole.

The Heritage Foundation
Nov. 12, 2018
Happy Veterans Day from Capitol Hill. Today also marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. What lessons have we learned since then? Historian Victor Davis Hanson speaks about why understanding the lessons of war is so important. Also, Heritage President Kay Coles James has perspective on the election results. Plus, President Trump announced that he will toughen asylum rules for immigrants. Heritage explains what his order does and why it will help. Take notes, we have your conservative policy solutions right here. —Michelle Cordero
Election perspective now that the dust has settled.
Conservatives made gains in the U.S. Senate but saw a liberal majority seize control of the House of Representatives. Heritage President Kay Coles James recently reflected on what these conservative gains could mean. “The left has no way to stop the confirmation of constitutionalist judges for the federal bench like Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh,” writes James. “It also means many of the bad policy ideas that will now come out of a liberal-controlled House will be dead on arrival.” Keep reading James’ commentary or watch her video on how conservatives will keep fighting for solutions.
Thanking our vets and learning from the past.

Today we pay tribute to our nation’s courageous armed forces, who put themselves in harm’s way to keep us free and to protect, with our allies, American security interests around the world. Today also marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. What lessons have we learned since then? American leadership in the world today is seen as waning, and isolationist ideologies are growing. We should not forget that a strong U.S. presence abroad ensures safety and prosperity for all. Watch Victor Davis Hanson, a historian at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, explain how important these lessons can be.
Trump’s new rule on asylum fixes a dangerous loophole.
President Trump signed a presidential proclamation Friday that prevents migrants from claiming asylum unless they do so at an official border crossing. Despite pushback from the left, the order merely directs people to one of more than 300 ports of entry to legally present their asylum claims, which will be evaluated in a fair and orderly process. Heritage experts say this new rule will fix a loophole that has been used to overwhelm the immigration system, destabilize the border region, and make millions for human trafficking cartels. Read Heritage’s latest report on how to fix immigration law and enforcement.


This week on the “Heritage Explains” podcast, Brent Skorup, a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center, explains the race to be the first country to roll out the fifth-generation mobile network. Listen to the podcast.
Tuesday at 10 a.m., Heritage will host a discussion regarding Taiwan’s place in U.S. trade policy. Featured speakers include Chern-Chyi “C.C.” Chen, deputy representative of economic affairs for the Taipei Economic & Cultural Representative Office in the U.S.; Rupert Hammond-Chambers, member of the US-Taiwan Business Council; and Riley Walters, policy analyst for Asia economy and technology in Heritage’s Asian Studies Center. Watch the event live.
Wednesday at noon, Heritage will host a discussion regarding China’s evolving relationships with its neighbors. Featured speakers include Jeff Smith, research fellow at The Heritage Foundation and author of the book “Asia’s Quest for Balance: China’s Rise and Balancing in the Indo-Pacific”; Prashanth Parameswaran, senior editor of The Diplomat; Hunter Marston, senior research assistant at the Brookings Institution; and Sylvia Mishra, fellow at the Nuclear Threat Initiative. Watch the event live.
Wednesday at noon, Oren Cass, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, will discuss his book “The Once and Future Worker: How the Consumerist Consensus Led America Astray, and How to Recover.” Watch the event live.
Wednesday at 2 p.m., Christopher Ford, assistant secretary at the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation, will speak on how the United States is building and strengthening an effective counterproliferation policy. Watch the event live.
Wednesday at 3:30 p.m., The Heritage Foundation, in conjunction with the Property and Environment Research Center, will host panels and presentations on the potential contained in federally owned land and creative policy ideas for the future. Featured speakers include Dan Smith, deputy director of the National Park Service; Casey Hammond, deputy assistant secretary for land and mineral management; Chris French, acting deputy chief of the U.S. Forest Service;Marshall Critchfield, adviser for the Fish and Wildlife Service; Tate Watkins, research fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center; Holly Fretwell, research fellow at the Property and Environment Research Center; R.J. Smith, distinguished fellow at the Center for Energy and Environment of the Competitive Enterprise Institute; and Katie Tubb, policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation. Watch the event live.
Wednesday at 5 p.m., Alex J. Pollock, a distinguished senior fellow at the R Street Institute, will speak about his new book “Finance and Philosophy.” Watch the event live.
Thursday at 9 a.m., Heritage will host its annual Antipoverty Forum. Featured speakers include Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida; Kay Coles James, president of The Heritage Foundation; Yuval Levin, vice president and Hertog fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center; Avik Roy, president and co-founder of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity; Kelvin Cochran, former chief of the Atlanta Fire Department; Reid Lehman, president and CEO at Miracle Hill Ministries; Pastor Jorge Cardenas, on the board of directors at the Church of the Rock Katy; Sherrie Laurie, executive director of the Hope Center; and Jennifer Marshall, vice president for the Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity at The Heritage Foundation. Register for the event.
Thursday at 11 a.m., as part of the speakers’ series “Free Markets: The Ethical Economic Choice,” George Gilder, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, will speak about how capitalism is an information and learning system that fosters human creativity. Watch the event live.
Thursday at 2 p.m., Heritage will host a discussion on the prospects for a U.S.-U.K. free trade deal, and the future of Great Britain’s trading relationship with the United States in the Brexit era. Featured speakers include the Right Honourable David Davis, U.K. member of Parliament for Haltemprice and Howden; the Right Honourable Owen Paterson, U.K. member of Parliament for North Shropshire; and Shanker Singham, head of trade for the Centre for Economic and Business Research. Watch the event live.
Friday at 10:30 a.m., Heritage will host a discussion on what’s wrong with protectionism and answers to common objections to free trade. Featured speakers include Pierre Lemieux, a senior affiliated scholar at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University; and Daniel Griswold, senior research fellow and co-director of trade and immigration at the Mercatus Center. Watch the event live.
Friday at noon, Gregory May, author of “Jefferson’s Treasure: How Albert Gallatin Saved the New Nation from Debt,” will discuss his new book and explain why Gallatin, more than Hamilton, was America’s financial founder. Watch the event live.


John Malcolm, vice president at the Institute for Constitutional Government and senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation, joined  Fox News’ “Fox & Friends First” and  Fox Business’ “After the Bell” to discuss potential attorney general replacements.
Edwin Feulner, founder and former president of The Heritage Foundation, joinedFox Business’ “Varney & Co.” to discuss the layout of Congress following the 2018 midterms. Watch the interview.
Bruce Klingner, senior research fellow for Northeast Asia at The Heritage Foundation’s Asian Studies Center, joined CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer” to discuss the upcoming talks between U.S. and North Korean officials, North Korea’s rhetorical tactics, and how both sides are still far apart on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Watch the interview.
James Carafano, vice president of Heritage’s Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy, joined Fox News to discuss the migrant caravan heading to the U.S. border and what the U.S. needs to do to prevent these caravans from becoming regular occurrences. Watch the interview.


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