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Why Multi-Racialism Causes Violence

by Aussie Conservative


The dissident Right has consistently espoused the connection between multiracialism and societal conflict; while explaining little in the way of causation. It thus seems worthy to outline precisely why multiracialism causes violence, and consider relevant examples.

Taken together, there appear to be 3 core reasons that multi-racialism engenders violence.

First, when radically different groups inhabit the same territory (eg. blacks and whites), there follows a vast gulf in average IQ scores. From these differences, the higher IQ group axiomatically enjoys a superior economic and political standing– relative to the lower IQ group. From here, jealous, vengeful feelings naturally emanate against the more successful group, often culminating in violence. This clash is further worsened when knowledge of racial differences become taboo, leaving the lower IQ group to necessarily conclude the higher IQ group oppresses them through concealed, malicious means. Modern South Africa epitomizes these tragic, although predictable consequences of having fundamentally different populations living alongside one another.

Second, when little is keeping people together in the way of genetic similarity, tensions can easily boil over between groups. For when divisions inherently exist as they do in a race, a potential powderkeg of animosity in times of political, economic or cultural turmoil remains omnipresent. Surging anti-white rage which stems from differences instinctively felt by ‘People of Colour’, certainly reflects this.

Third and perhaps most importantly, multi-racialism causes conflict when groups compete in the same territory for power and resources, especially when societal hegemony becomes contested.

Before proceeding, a quick refresher on the field of group interests appears due. Because in-group preferences and exercising racial identity is “strengthening each party to a relationship and producing conditions of life that are better calibrated towards an identity, solidarity, survival, additional resources and the eventual replication of shared genetic interests,” this is adaptive human behavior. For more, see ‘The Genetic Basis of Racial Tribalism’.

When groups are situated geographically close to each other in an inter-racial society, instinctual assertions of group power commonly wreak grizzly consequences. Consider the writing of Ron Chernow in Grant, who detailed the 1873 Colfax massacre:

After a federal judge ruled in favour of the Kellogg slate, the powder keg of Louisiana politics exploded in April 1873. William Ward, a black Republican, and Christopher Columbus Nash, a white Democrat, vied for control of Grant Parish in the centre of the state. Ward summoned his black supporters and warned them that Democrats would try to seize by force the county seat of Colfax, a lush place of swamps and bayous and a black Republican stronghold. To avert this, they threw up earthworks around the courthouse, guarding it for several weeks. This display of black power was anathema to the white community. On Easter Sunday, Nash led a mob of severe hundred whites, armed with titled and a small cannon, who opened fire on the courthouse, setting it ablaze. Even though its black defenders ran up a white flag of surrender and begged for mercy, the mob butchered dozens of them.

Whilst these were barbaric scenes, Colfax was the probable consequence of leaving 2 divergent groups that numbered approximately 50 % of the population, to freely struggle over political power and resources.

It is also worth noting that whenever inter-racial conflicts occur, questions of racial identity overwhelm all other considerations; as humans conform to innately held genetic interests. Mississippi’s Reconstruction-era Governor Adelbert Ames, admitted this much in lamenting the tunnel-visioned grievance that white Democrats held at the time:

In one phrase- hostility to the negro as a citizen. The South cares for no other question. Everything gives way to it. They support or oppose men, advocate or denounce policies, flatter or murder, just as such action will help them as far as possible to recover their old power over the negro.

On whether there is a causal relationship between multi-racialism and inter-group violence, history affirms this reality and the coherent reasons for it. If Westerners perpetually reaffirm our post-1960 core values– multiculturalism (a frequent misnomer for multi-racialism), diversity and tolerance of such trends– these orthodoxies may inflict a sanguinary price.

On my recent lack of posting, I apologize! Many new posts will be to come.

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