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The Daily Wire -> Tear Gas Photo STAGED?

Nov 26, 2018


Was Photo Of Migrant Mother ‘Fleeing Tear Gas’ With Children At U.S. Border Staged?

Joseph Curl

Alyssa Milano Screeches At President Trump In Profane Rant, Gets Schooled (Again)

By Joseph Curl

Republican Sen. Mike Lee: ‘Next Congress’ Will Likely ‘Look Into’ Motive Behind Trump’s Decision-Making On Saudi Arabia

By Frank Camp

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: We’re All Going To Die From Climate Change

By Emily Zanotti

WATCH: ABC’s Stephanopoulos Gets Answer He Wants From Trump-Defending Dershowitz On ‘Devastating’ Russia Probe, But Not Quite

By James Barrett

RIOT: French Protesters Burn Champs-Élysées Over Carbon Tax

By Emily Zanotti

WATCH: Migrants Storming U.S. Border Repelled By Pepper Spray. Mexico Says They’ll Deport Them.

By Amanda Prestigiacomo

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