Former/current advisers UNLOAD on Sen. Elizabeth Warren in NY Times article over her DNA test

Try it you will like it

Get the popcorn!

The New York Times is out with a barnburner of a piece on Sen. Elizabeth Warren accounts from anonymous current and former advisers slamming the fake Native American for taking that DNA test:

One former adviser called her taking of the DNA test a “strategic failure” and called the whole episode “depressing and unforgettable”:

Libs are already out in force with criticism of the Times, which they blame for giving weight to Hillary’s email scandal.

It’s giving Neera Tanden, for example, PTSD:

Why can’t they just admit that what Hillary did was wrong?

Eric Boehlert thinks there’s “zero news hook” in the “hit piece”;

And this is just LOL:

Although at least some libs are being honest about it:

Anyway, Warren should have addressed this years ago and it’s her own fault that we’re still talking about it today: