The Deep State’s Original Purpose Was to Rein In Trump

RUSH: Things are starting to come into a little bit more focus, and for some of you it may have already been in focus. We’ll find out. … What is coming into focus is the Mueller investigation and what its real purpose is. And we have learned this because CNN, of all places — on their website — has revealed that there was a pre-Mueller investigation that was launched by the FBI and Andrew McCabe, and we know now the actual reason for it. And I’m gonna give you the big news and then work backwards on this.

Apparently, if we can trust what’s out there today and if we can believe it — and I think there’s something to this, simply because there isn’t any evidence of Trump colluding with Russia at all. It just didn’t happen. The upshot of everything is that all of this has been not to find Trump guilty, not to find… Maybe as a bonus, maybe some impeachable offenses. But the real purpose has been to just rein Trump in and stop him, to keep him sidetracked, to keep him obstructed, to keep him confused, to keep him unable to advance his agenda, to keep his staff in constant turmoil.

It has basically been a deep state plot to prevent Donald Trump from being Donald Trump, to prevent Donald Trump from having any kind of success with his agenda at all, with the added bonus being that along the way they can create the idea that Trump stole something like an election or is a thug-criminal and bad guy. But all of it — and it’s an important distinction, because they started all this knowing full well there wasn’t any crime here. There wasn’t any crime mentioned when Mueller was appointed, which violates Justice Department regulations.

There has to be a special crime given to the special prosecutor to look into, and Mueller wasn’t given one. Now, this has been leaked to CNN, which would be qualified as friendly media. Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist has read it and seen it. I have it here soon to be in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. And Mollie Hemingway’s tweet: “Leakers now saying to friendly media that probe was about reining Trump in, not uncovering collusion with Russia (which they knew was [without] evidence).

“Their purpose: constrain Trump. Yet is anyone even investigating this years-long scandal, much less holding people to account?” No! Nobody is. And at the heart of this, do you remember the story that was feverishly denied by Rosenstein and other FBI aficionados that Rosenstein had offered to wear a wire in a conversation or two with Trump in order to, quote, unquote, “get the goods”? Not on conclusion, and not even on obstruction. Just wear a wire so they can get a recording of, in their minds, how literally stupid and incompetent Trump is and have that be provable using Trump’s own words.

It looks like that absolutely happened. It looks like — and I didn’t doubt, by the way. When I first heard that Rosenstein volunteered to wear a wire, I didn’t doubt it at all. (big sigh) You know, I say frequently that I know these people. But I’ve never really told you how or why. So I’m kind of hanging out there when I say it. By “these people,” I mean the Washington establishment, these elites, this club, the ruling class, however we designate them. I know them.

Some of them personally, but not many. But, I mean, I know who they are; I know how they think. I know how they operate. I know what their psychology is. I know what their arrogance is. And the reason is I’ve encountered it for the entire length of time this program has been on the air. So none of this is a surprise to me, that these people simply would not accept the results of the election. They simply would not accept somebody like Donald Trump, no matter what the election results are, no matter what the will of the American people.

And so there’s nothing that will not be done to either get rid of Trump or to make sure that, if they can’t get rid of him, that he can’t accomplish anything — and, furthermore, that he cannot damage what they have established. And that probably is primary in their minds, that Trump… They will not sit idly by, acknowledge that they lost with Hillary and that Trump won, and then wait for Trump, bide their time for four years, and hope to beat him at the next election.

Their point from the get-go has been to deny Donald Trump his presidential powers, constitutional powers. It has been to deny Donald Trump his agenda, to deny Donald Trump the staff that he wants to put together, to make sure that there are constant people around Trump that will leak back to them. And, as I say, the primary source for this today is a very lengthy CNN piece. Now, you might be saying, “Come on, Rush! CNN?

“Don’t tell me all of a sudden you’re gonna start believing CNN.” It’s not that I believe CNN. It’s that I believe this story and that I believe that people at CNN would be in the leak chain to get this story, and the whole point of this story is that a Trump investigation began long before Mueller’s did! And that’s what this story is about. “The Frantic Scramble Before Mueller Got the Job.” It’s by Pamela Brown and Jeremy Herb “(he might pronounce it ‘erb) and it’s published today.


RUSH: Here’s the beginning of the CNN story: “In the hectic eight days after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and top FBI officials viewed Trump as a leader who needed to be reined in, according to two sources describing the sentiment at the time.” Eight days before Trump fired Comey, which is what triggered the appointment of Mueller by Rosenstein, who had written Trump a memo suggesting that Comey be fired! It looks like all of this was an orchestrated setup that needed Comey to be fired for it to happen.

Rosenstein suggests it. Trump wanted to get rid of the guy anyway. So Trump thinks he’s got the imprimatur of the attorney general, deputy attorney general over at the Department of Justice, and he fired Comey, and that gave us Mueller. Rosenstein appointing Mueller. And here we are. “In the hectic eight days after … Trump fired [Comey], Rosenstein and top FBI officials viewed Trump as a leader who needed to be reined in … They discussed a range of options, including the idea of Rosenstein wearing a wire while speaking with Trump, which Rosenstein later denied.

“Ultimately, then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe took the extraordinary step of opening an obstruction of justice investigation even before … Mueller was appointed… The obstruction probe was an idea the FBI had previously considered, but it didn’t start until after Comey was fired. The justification went beyond Trump’s firing of Comey, according to the sources, and also included the president’s conversation with Comey in the Oval Office asking him to drop the investigation into his former national security adviser Michael Flynn.”

Now, I don’t know what you remember about all this, but these are instances that did happen, that the people in the FBI and DOJ were able to feign (as in fake) shock, outrage, disbelief. (impression) “A president asking the Department of Justice to go easy on one of his guys? Why, that’s never happened before! This has put us in an untenable situation. This man must be stopped!” We are seriously here to believe the deep state doesn’t take care of its own? By the way, Trump was not asking for Flynn to be exempted from justice.

The bottom line: We now know that Flynn didn’t do anything, and even the people that interviewed Flynn, including Peter Strzok, never thought that Flynn had lied. “The new details about the genesis of the obstruction case into Trump that became a key element of the Mueller probe shed light on the chaotic week following Comey’s firing and the scramble to decide how best to respond. They also help to explain the origins of the Mueller investigation that has stretched across 19 months, consumed Trump’s presidency and is building toward a dramatic day of courtroom filings [today].

“A Justice Department official strongly disputed Rosenstein sought to curb the president, emphasizing that his conversations with McCabe were simply about talking through ways to conduct the investigation. ‘He never said anything like that,’ the source added. Other sources said that the FBI would only take such dramatic action if officials suspected a crime had been committed. But Rosenstein and other senior FBI officials also had deep concerns about Trump’s behavior and thought he needed to be checked” and reined in. “A spokeswoman for McCabe did not provide comment for this story.”

Rudy Giuliani said, “It’s shocking that the FBI would open up an obstruction case for the president exercising his authority under Article II,” meaning he’s got the right to fire Comey.” Anyway, it should not come as a surprise. We find out that this whole thing was just to retard Trump’s presidency, to rein him in, to keep him from doing anything, to keep him from harming the deep state, to keep him from winning anything — and there was an added bonus. If they could find a crime along the way, then that would be great, and they gave Mueller the latitude to do just that.