Trump Names Barr and Nauert, Left Not Happy

Try it you will like it

RUSH: Okay. So Trump is gonna appoint William Barr to be the attorney general. I don’t know how anybody could oppose this guy. He worked for the Bushes, and as somebody who worked for the Bushes, William Barr is today a representative (Is he not?) of our perfect and wonderful bipartisan past that we’ve just spent the past two days hearing about in the Drive-By Media. Now, people I know say that Bill Barr would be excellent for this gig, that Trump couldn’t find anybody better.

But the instinctive reaction on the left would be, “We can’t let Trump have the guy he wants!” Isn’t that what all of this has been about, actually, the Mueller investigation and then the pre-Mueller investigation? So if anybody objects to Bill Barr, you’ve gotta fire back, “Waaaaait a minute. He comes from our lost era of bipartisanship that was so wonderful that we just saw two days of remembrances of what it could be like.

“And how could you turn down somebody from that era?” And they’ll say, “Well, he didn’t work for 41. He worked for 43, and we weren’t talking about 43 — 43’s still what 43 has always been. But 41? Yeah, we have all kinds of respect for that guy!” Heather Nauert, who is the spokeswoman in the State Department, has been named the United Nations ambassador. The left is out of its mind that somebody from Fox News has been nominated to be a diplomat. (laughing)


RUSH: By the way, folks, I was teasing when I said that the left would be openly accepting of William Barr as Trump’s attorney general. (chuckles) That’s my point. They’re gonna do everything they can to oppose this nomination and to flavor it and color it as somebody that can’t be trusted. Even though Barr has long been approved by the Washington establishment, since he’s been nominated by Trump, they’re gonna go after him.


RUSH: I was joking about William Barr, Trump’s AG appointee. Here’s the details, the salient details about William Barr. The Democrats are complaining about him because Barr has spoken supportively of Trump in the past. William Barr was AG for Bush 43. But he has criticized Mueller. Mueller used to work for him in the Bush 41 DOJ. William Barr goes be back to Bush 41. Mueller worked for him then and he’s been critical of Mueller, and the reason he’s been critical of Mueller is for loading up his staff with all these anti-Trump Democrat lawyers.

But again, there’s a reigning theory that Mueller did that to give himself cover with the Drive-Bys and everybody when he ends up having no collusion with Russia. “It must be true if 15 Trump-hating lawyers couldn’t find any. It must be true.” That’s the theory behind this, one of the theories behind Mueller having these people. William Barr has also said that the Uranium One case involving the Clintons and Ukraine should be investigated. It hasn’t been. And he’s defended Trump’s authority to remove federal officials at will.

Rather, he has supported any president’s authority, which comes from the Constitution, to remove any federal official at will. The president is the lone repository of power — the presidency is the lone repository of power — in the executive branch. So if he wants to get rid of anybody, he can. Now, there are always ramifications, and that’s where politics comes into it. But the president can fire James Comey all he wants, and he doesn’t have to have a reason!

Now, if the Democrats want to say that’s obstruction and go in with special counsel with help of an anti-Trump member of his own DOJ, then they can do that, which is what happened. And, by the way, back in the Bush 43 days, William Barr, Democrats say, sounded more like Cheney side of the White House than the Bush side. He was in favor of detaining terrorists as enemy combatants and so forth. So he’s not gonna get the smooth ride that you would think based on the past couple days of Bush celebrations.