‘But you’re illogical and REALLY BAD at arguing’: AOC claiming she’s learning to be a lawyer ‘on the job’ is ALL the cringe

A blue-check lawyer we’ve never heard of was totally fanboying about AOC’s ‘performance’ yesterday questioning Michael Cohen. He was so impressed in fact that he said he’d be happy to have her do all his questioning from now on.

AOC as an attorney.

Heck, she’s a legislator so why not …

Have we mentioned lately that everything is stupid?

Because it is, it REALLY is.


And by adorable we mean absolutely cringy and totally annoying.

Wanna know how insane her followers are? This tweet where she corrected her other tweet has over 42k favs on it.


And they say Trump supporters are a cult.

Good girl.

Now sit.

True story.

Like, totally.

Those damn participation trophies.

She didn’t learn that on the job … that comes naturally.


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