‘It is OUR RIGHT.’ Rep. Dan Crenshaw shuts Adam Schiff DOWN for using ‘thoughts and prayers’ to push gun control #HR8

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Every time we see another tweet from Rep. Adam Schiff we’re reminded of why Trump calling him ‘Schitt’ was likely no accident. Seriously, Democrats tweet a lot of nonsense but this guy is easily in the top five.

Or would that be bottom five?

Like this tweet on #HR8 where Schiff is trying really hard to pretend we don’t already have tens of thousands of gun laws on the books and that Republicans only offer up thoughts and prayers after a tragic shooting.

This freakin’ guy.

Are Democrats deliberately running super annoying yahoos or does this happen naturally when you support an agenda like theirs? Asking for a friend.

Rep. Dan ‘Super-Awesome-Totally-Rad-Should-Run-For-President-In-2024’ Crenshaw shut Schitt … err … Schiff down.

If it weren’t for feel-good policies our good friends on the Left wouldn’t have any policies to speak of … but Dan knows that.

True freakin’ story.

Another true freakin’ story is how many people really are clueless about the gun laws out there ALREADY, and the Democrats know it. That’s why they keep pretending Republicans don’t care or won’t do anything because their base is CLUELESS about the current gun laws in this country.

See what we mean?


If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads it would cause permanent damage.

So THESE are the people who keep electing Schiff … it all makes sense now.


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