‘What child wrote this?’ CNN not even trying to hide their mad love for racist Rashida Tlaib

As Twitchy told you, Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib used Michael Cohen’s congressional hearing to absolutely lose it at GOP Rep. Mark Meadows for daring to welcome black Republican and Trump administration official Lynne Patton to today’s proceedings. According to Tlaib, Meadows inviting Patton was “in itself a racist act.”

Naturally, media firefighters are practically peeing themselves with excitement over Tlaib’s unhinged performance. But there’s something extra-gross about an entire network of alleged journalists swooning for Tlaib.

This … is CNN:

And what does it say, exactly?


It’s working. The audience loves it as much as CNN does:

Great work, CNN! As usual. Your tweet says so much about you.