CNN’s Chris Cillizza reminds President Trump not to say mean things to Mitt Romney

As Twitchy reported, Sen. Mitt Romney came out swinging against President Trump over the findings in the Mueller report.

After Romney found his spine, journalists from Maggie Haberman to Ronan Farrow rushed to apologize for mocking Romney back in 2012 when he was ridiculed for naming Russia as America’s greatest geopolitical foe. Obama and Biden roasted him for it, and the press happily piled on.

One person who isn’t apologizing to Romney Saturday is Trump, who had this message for him:

Now, now … CNN’s Chris Cillizza was on hand to remind his followers of the first lady’s anti-bullying initiative, and she certainly wouldn’t approve of her husband harassing Romney like that online.

Republicans have been kind … Romney was kind … Bush was kind … and they were both demonized by the press until they were no longer a threat to the Democratic establishment. Trump, on the other hand, isn’t taking his wife’s advice, which is one reason she’s in the White House with him.

It’s called politics, Cillizza. Let’s hope you keep that tweet on hand for when the Democratic primaries get ugly, OK? We’ll be expecting it.

Someone fetch Cillizza the smelling salts while we compile some more tweets:

We know the feeling … we put in a ton of effort back in 2012 backing Romney and now we have … this? Why did we bother?