White House official says to expect real investigations now that the table has turned

White House official says to expect real investigations now that the table has turned

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‘I’m your Huckleberry’: Dana Loesch steps in to accept Eric Swalwell’s challenge for the NRA and ups the ante

WH official reportedly says to expect investigations into ‘real scandals’ now that ‘tables have turned’

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Levin delivers rant for the ages, slices and dices Mueller report ‘so even Scarborough & Tapper can understand!’

Mary Katharine Ham’s blunt and honest assessment of Mueller report leaves CNN panel stunned

‘Don’t you dare’! Joe diGenova goes nuclear on Hill TV host for suggesting Barr lied

Not only are Booker and Harris missing Senate votes, they’re already breaking a major campaign promise

HBO asks that Trump not make Game of Thrones political. Conjures up memory of Bush’s head on a stake

Sarah Sanders defends ‘countless FBI agents’ comment: It wasn’t a talking point, it was heat of the moment

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Conway torches Democrats, the press & Hillary in one fell swoop: Here’s what you got from Dems…nothing!

The ‘biggest implication’ of Mueller’s report has nothing to do with obstruction, experts say

RNC’s Ronna McDaniel rips Maxine Waters with damning video: ‘Absolute disgrace…NO credibility’

Trump comes out swinging against ‘fabricated & untrue’ allegations in Mueller report, calls ‘total bulls**t’

Top Dem Steny Hoyer folds like a cheap suit when the ‘resistance’ attacks for not backing impeachment

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