‘Great, NOW the GOP is makin’ it rain’! AOC quick to blame Repubs for flooding, gets SCHOOLED on how weather works

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Welp, we hope the GOP is happy with itself, making it rain a lot and stuff. You’d think those evil tax cuts would have been enough but OH NO, now they are causing floods or something.

Freakin’ evil Republicans.

Sure, what we just wrote is totally silly BUT it makes about as much sense as what AOC wrote about the flooding in DC.

We thought AOC was going on vacation.

And huh?

So wait, is weather climate or is climate weather?

Is this one of those what came first things, like the chicken or the egg?




Excuse us but we were told there would be no math.

Floods are totally a new thing.



Not soon enough.

But … wait for it … keep waiting … yup, keep waiting … ORANGE MAN BAD and since he’s a Republican, REPUBLICANS BAD.


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