NRA America’s Rifle Challenge 2019

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NRA America's Rifle Challenge

NRA America’s Rifle Challenge

NRA America’s Rifle Challenge Level 1 and Level 2 is returning to Peacemaker National Training Center in Gerrardstown, West Virginia, on August 3, 2019.

NRA America’s Rifle Challenge(ARC) is a recreational shooting program designed to encourage rifle owners to do more than just target practice at the range; it lets rifle owners of all skill levels have a fun, exhilarating introduction to the action shooting sports. ARC allows you to compete against yourself or your friends on timed courses.

Level 1 is designed for shooters of all skill levels out to 100 yards. Level 2 is a more dynamic series of matches for competitors with more competitive experience. Each level consists of five stages. Both levels have been designed by the NRA Competitive Shooting Division to challenge your positional skills, accuracy, speed and movement. Targets are USPSA Metric cardboard, NRA B8 bullseyes, and steel targets.

The ARC Program has evolved from the first match held in April! Round counts have increased, and some scoring has been made easier. Squad captains (more experienced competitors) will be appointed to travel with squads, conduct each stage to standard, and maintain scores.

Level 1:

  1. 100, 75, 50, 25 yard 40-shot course (prone, sitting, kneeling, standing respectively) (four mags of 10 rounds each)
  2. A roughly 30-50 yard precision shooting course (one mag of 30)
  3. 7 yard shooting standards course (one mag of 16 rounds, one mag of 5 rounds)
  4. A 100 yard barricade shooting event with a steel target (one mag of 30 okay)
  5. A basic shoot-on-the-move course with multiple targets from 60-5 yards (one mag of 30 okay)

Level 2:

  1. All stages of fire require movement between or during shooting
  2. Steel targets will vary in range from 100-400 yards, cardboard targets within 100
  3. Shooters may freely plan their approach to each stage much like USPSA or 3-gun matches based on given stage brief limitations
  4. Many paper targets will be partially obscured to challenge marksmanship skills at speed
  5. Steel sizes past 250 yards will be as close to 5 MOA as possible

Register now! Matches are $40 for Peacemaker National Training Center members and $45 for non-members of Peacemaker National Training Center. There will be three matches held on August 3:

  • 8:00 AM – 11:30 AM Level 1 ARC Match – Check-in 7 AM, safety brief 7:45 AM at main building
  • 8:00 AM – 12:30 PM Level 2 ARC Match – Check-in 7 AM, safety brief 7:45 AM at main building
  • 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM Level 2 ARC Match – Check-in 12 PM, safety brief 12:45 at main building


  1. Stock Class – Rifle may have one iron or red dot/holographic sight (non-magnified) and a backup iron sight if desired.
  2. Limited Class – Rifle may have one fixed or variable magnification optic of no greater than 8 power, and a backup iron sight if desired. A rifle with a red dot/holographic sight and a magnifier will be placed in this class.
  3. Open Class – Rifle may have one fixed or variable magnification optic of no greater than 18 power, and a backup iron sight or a red dot/holographic sight installed.

Bipods are permitted but will remain in the stowed/folded position unless authorized for use on a particular stage. Bipods if used will remain on the rifle for the entirety of the match.

For more information on ARC or other competitive shooting events, call (877) 672-6282, email [email protected], or visit to become more familiar with the ARC program. Keep an eye on the guidebook for ARC program revisions and new information!

Shooters should bring:

  1. Safe and serviceable semi-automatic, detachable box magazine rifle with at least 10 round capacity.
  2. No cartridges over .308, rifle cartridges only (no pistol class calibers, 5.7X28, .30 Carbine, etc.)
  3. Eye and ear protection (electronic preferred).
  4. Chamber flag. If you do not have a chamber flag, PNTC has them for a small fee.
  5. At least three (suggested five) magazines and minimum 200 rounds ammunition.
  6. At least one serviceable kydex or nylon magazine pouch worn on the body to conduct reloads.
  7. A one to two-point convertible or pure two-point sling attached to the rifle.
  8. Appropriate footwear and clothing for all-season outdoor use. No sandals!
  9. Support items such as multi-tools, weapon lubricant, food and water, etc.


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