PowerLine -> John Hinderaker details – the Ritual Suicide of the Democratic Party

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PowerLine -> John Hinderaker details – the Ritual Suicide of the Democratic Party

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  • Justin Amash leaves the GOP before it can “leave” him
  • Loose threads in the curious case (8)
  • Loose Ends (90)
  • Ritual Suicide of the Democratic Party
Justin Amash leaves the GOP before it can “leave” him

Posted: 07 Jul 2019 02:32 PM PDT

(Paul Mirengoff)Rep. Justin Amash has always been a party of one. Now, he’s made it official. He’s leaving the GOP and is running for reelection as an independent.

Why? He claims it’s because the two-party system and hyper-partisanship have wrecked Congress. He finds that individual members of Congress have no say in things. They are simply there to obey their party leader.

But none of this is new. What’s new is that Amash is hopelessly behind in the GOP primary in his district.

A poll taken at the end of the month found that he had only 17 percent support — dreadful for an incumbent — and was trailing his leading rival by 10 points. A poll from earlier in June had him 16 points behind.

This, in all likelihood, is why he’s leaving the Republican Party. It was on the verge of “leaving” him.

Amash says he’s not ruling out running for president as a third party candidate. I think an Amash run for president would be inconsequential. Libertarians hardcore enough to vote for him aren’t likely to vote for Trump in the absence of Amash’s candidacy. Most will either vote for some other flake or decide not to vote at all in the presidential race.

Amash frets that he wasn’t relevant in Congress. Wait until he sees how irrelevant he becomes once he’s no longer in Congress.


Loose threads in the curious case (8)

Posted: 07 Jul 2019 02:29 PM PDT

(Scott Johnson)Greg Jaffe and Souad Mekhennet profile Ilhan Omar in the long if distasteful Washington Post story “Ilhan Omar’s American story: It’s complicated.” The headline is ironic in some sense. According to the Post, it’s actually not complicated.

In the hands of the Post, what I have been referring to as Omar’s curious case is especially uncomplicated. The Post disposes of it in two sentences with a statement of facts that is highly dubious, to say the least, an implied chronology that is mistaken, and avoidance of wrinkles in the story: “Conservative blogs dug into her complicated marital history. She and the father of her three children split temporarily in the 2000s but still filed joint tax returns in 2014 and 2015, when Omar was legally married to someone else.” What’s complicated about that?

The Post represents the best that American journalism has to offer. With unlimited resources, gifted reporters, and talented editors, the Post demonstrates no interest in a most interesting story that has yet to play itself out and that may represent a problem Omar can’t talk her way out of. She has in any event so far essentially refused to try. Even the Star Tribune got to the story last month — a few years late, but nevertheless in a serious journalistic effort. The Post won’t even acknowledge the existence of the rock, let alone turn it over. How utterly pathetic.


Loose Ends (90)

Posted: 07 Jul 2019 10:01 AM PDT

(Steven Hayward) The lede for this story has to rank right up close to the NY Post‘s famous headline, “Headless Body in Topless Bar”:

Lesbian mother who fled with sperm donor arrested

A British woman who left her wife in Canada for their sperm donor and allegedly abducted their child has been arrested after landing an inflatable rubber dinghy in the Channel Islands.

Though I admit I may not fully comprehend this lede because I thought “dinghy” is one of the 57 genders you can pick from these days.

 I remain skeptical of some of the Rasmussen online polls that have always reported Trump’s popularity several points higher than every other poll (even though Rasmussen’s election numbers have often been right), but everyone ought to sit up and take notice when the “mainstream” ABC News/Washington Post Poll finds Trump strengthening:

Bolstered by a strong economy, Donald Trump reached the highest job approval rating of his career in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll and runs competitively for re-election against four of five possible Democratic contenders. . .

Forty-four percent of Americans approve of Trump’s overall job performance, up a slight 5 percentage points from April and 2 points better than his peak early in his presidency.

A few more Democratic presidential candidate debates should easily boost him over 50 percent.


Support for Congress initiating impeachment proceedings against Trump remains unchanged since April at 37%, while opposition to this step has grown by 13 points since August to 59%, a new high.

Have fun with your caucus, Nancy.

And while most Democratic candidates run ahead of Trump right now in head-to-head early hypothetical matchups, there is this:

Another question tests Trump against “a Democratic candidate who you regard as a socialist” –relevant given the Republicans’ stated aim of applying that label to their eventual opponent. Among the general public the race is tied among Trump vs. a perceived socialist; among registered voters it goes +6 to Trump, 49% to 43%, not a significant difference.

Forget gold (and that stupid last clause—” not a significant difference”). Buy popcorn futures.

 Shortly after the Antifa assault on Andy Ngo in Portland with some caustic cement-augmented milkshakes, someone on Twitter joked that they looked forward to the “Vox explainer” on the assault, which would, of course, be a revival of the left’s “moral equivalence” argument from the Cold War, and as if wanting to prove that parody is impossible any more, Vox’s Zach Beauchamp stepped up to the task, with just such an “explainer“:

But the aftermath of the attack — the narratives both sides have spun out of the basic facts established by the footage — is much trickier to assess. . .

Ngo is not an innocent victim but a far-right sympathizer who has doxxed antifa members in the past, potentially facilitating their harassment, and provokes them so that he can broadcast the result. . .

See, Ngo shouldn’t have worn that short skirt to the Antifa frat party. He was asking for it.

 Meanwhile, speaking of milkshakes, and the left’s favored new antics of throwing them at people they don’t like, Richard Samuelson alerts us to the argument that will surely stop this trend cold: It’s bad for the climate!

Avoiding meat and dairy products is the single biggest way to reduce your environmental impact on the planet, according to the scientists behind the most comprehensive analysis to date of the damage farming does to the planet.

Save the planet! Stop “milkshaking”!


Ritual Suicide of the Democratic Party

Posted: 07 Jul 2019 06:14 AM PDT

(John Hinderaker)The Democrats’ race to the left continues, as Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren introduce “racial equity” plans.

Ms. Warren and Senator Kamala Harris of California both used the occasion — the annual culture and music festival sponsored by Essence magazine, which caters to black women — to introduce major new proposals intended to address racial disparities, including in wealth and homeownership.
Ms. Harris announced a plan aimed at reducing the racial gap in homeownership, including $100 billion to help black families and individuals buy homes in historically redlined communities, where banks systematically denied them loans.

Redlining has been illegal for how many decades now? And the idea that the federal government knows better than banks who should get loans, and at what rates, is not only absurd, it was the principal cause of the 2008 financial collapse.

The money would help cover down payments and closing costs for up to four million families or individuals, providing home buyers with up to $25,000 each.

From Obamaphones to Harrishouses. Obviously, the government can’t say openly that it is discriminating against whites, Asians and Hispanics by offering $25,000 only to black individuals or families. Harris’s transparent workaround is to limit eligibility to “historically red-lined communities.” I have no opinion, offhand, on whether that dodge could pass constitutional muster, but in any event, there is zero chance of it being enacted.

Mrs. Warren has a different set of panders:

Every year, the federal government awards $500 billion in contracts to companies that, altogether, employ about a quarter of the country’s workers. Ms. Warren’s plan, which she released on Friday and described to the audience on Saturday, calls for an executive order that would require the recipients of those contracts to diversify their workforces, and pay women and people of color equally.

“It’s up to the federal government to say what the terms of those contracts are,” Ms. Warren said. “It’s not enough to talk the talk about equal pay for equal work.”

Equal pay for totally different jobs! The Democrats raise high the banner of injustice and wave it enthusiastically.

Under her proposed executive order, contractors would be barred from asking about past salaries and criminal records, and from using forced arbitration and noncompete clauses.

It won’t be long before one of the Democratic contenders offers a proposal to require random hiring and pay for all private sector jobs. To which one might respond to the government: you go first.


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