‘She’s UNSTABLE’! Rashida Tlaib’s emotional, bizarre testimony on southern border crisis ALMOST makes AOC look credible (watch)

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Rashida Tlaib’s testimony about the southern border was … something else.

And this woman is an elected official.

We suppose we should just be grateful she didn’t ask to be sworn in before her testimony, right?


Good gravy.

Either she’s completely unstable or she can’t actually read English.

Remember when these same people were telling us there was no crisis at the border? When they voted AGAINST money that would help with these conditions they’re so haunted by?


Truth hurts.

She does say it’s Trump’s fault for creating the crisis … she’s just awful.

Hey, we just made this same face.



This ‘squad’ is singlehandedly helping Trump win next year.

Keep it up, ladies.


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