Touré proves there’s a lefty bubble by denying that it exists; It’s conservatives who are separated from reality

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First, if there was ever proof that there’s a lefty bubble, it’s the number of Democratic senators who decided that they should run for president and then stepped foot in Iowa thinking open borders, free health care for illegal aliens, and third-trimester abortion were all winning platforms.

Former MSNBC personality Touré denies that there is such a thing as the lefty bubble, though, because everything lefties believe is right and true, and everything conservatives believe isn’t.

But don’t take Touré’s word for it; he’s citing the “experts” on immigration, climate, guns, and race — probably the very same experts who used to come on MSNBC to share their expertise.

We’re waiting for the follow-up tweet where he names a handful of the “experts” he relies on for the facts.