‘Anyone else noticed…?’ People are speculating about the reason for AOC’s Twitter hiatus (place your bets!)

Here at Twitchy we’re used to trying to keep up with what Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been saying on Twitter, but about a week ago the flow of hot takes from the NY Rep. stopped. What’s up with that?

Is she just taking a Twitter break (everybody needs one once in a while), or is it something else? Others noticed the coincidental timing with the departure of her chief of staff:

Also Congress is on a break, so that could be what it is, but that’s not keeping AOC off other social media outlets:

We’re sure she’ll be back on Twitter soon enough (perhaps too soon).

There will be a growing pool of possible candidates for the job as soon as Dem presidential candidates (and most importantly their staffs) start dropping out of the 2020 race.