Despicable: Ted Lieu DRAGGED so much for anti-Semitic trope about Amb. Friedman that he DELETES and apologizes (sorta)

Democrats couldn’t wait to fall all OVER themselves trying to defend Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from mean ol’ Israel banning the two openly anti-Semitic representatives from entering their country. Note, if you find yourself using anti-Semitic phrasing to defend your fellow Democrats you’re doing it wrong.

Like Ted Lieu.


Ted is on a roll. Yikes. C’mon, SHE JUST WANTS TO VISIT HER GRANDMOTER!

And check out CNN’s chyron.

These people.

The Left has so normalized anti-Semitism in their own party they don’t seem to understand they’re using anti-Semitic language.

Ted just throws it around like he’s making a shopping list for Whole Foods.

Deleted the tweet but he can’t go back in time and take his comments on CNN back.

So the emphasis should be on ‘sort-of’ apologized.



He didn’t know he was being an anti-Semitic creep and he’s super sorry.

We wish we could say this is unreal but sadly it’s all TOO real.

Interestingly enough, he did not delete this one:



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