Ethnic Studies’ Latest Ploy to Brainwash Kids

President Donald Trump told a rally last week: “We are
all Americans. We all share the same home. We all share the same heart.”
He cautioned that “the radical Democrats are trying to tear this country
apart” with their divisive identity politics.

Warning to parents: Left-wing activists are using these same divisive tactics to target your kids’ schools and co-opt their young minds.

Across the country, leftists are demanding that public schools teach “ethnic studies.” Don’t be fooled by the title. Many of these courses demonize America’s past, label whites as oppressors, and convert students into “social justice organizers.”

California Democrats are pushing to make ethnic studies a
high school graduation requirement statewide. Their drafted curriculum defines
ethnic studies as the “experiences of people of color in the United
States” and the “forms of oppression” they’ve endured.

The California course urges students to become “agents
of change” and mandates that all students complete an
“engagement/action project.” Astoundingly, the course guide suggests
only one project to meet this requirement: promoting “voting rights for
undocumented immigrant residents” in local elections.

The curriculum tars white students—by virtue of their whiteness—as oppressors. The course outline calls for “the privilege walk,” an exercise to teach white students about privileges they take for granted. “Whiteness,” defined as “more than a racial identity marker,” apparently “separates those that are privileged from those that are not.”

White kids will have to endure this harassment to graduate.

Meanwhile, the course encourages minorities to think of themselves as oppressed. No mention of success stories like Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Clarence Thomas. No explanation for why millions around the globe are struggling to get into the U.S., even scaling walls and wading rivers, to make this country their home.

American capitalism is demonized as a system in which
“people of color are disproportionately exploited.” Never mind that
capitalism has lifted billions of people of color out of poverty worldwide.

Educators could point to Hispanic American and African
American stars such as billionaire real estate developer Jorge Perez or former
Citigroup CEO and Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons as role models for minority

Instead, the curriculum is a one-sided Marxist
indoctrination to make students hate America. To what end? To brainwash the
next generation of voters into becoming leftist Democrats.

California’s curriculum, drafted by teachers and university professors, nearly slipped through without public scrutiny—till Jews in the state Legislature noticed the curriculum condemned Islamophobia but not anti-Semitism.

Parents and the public, who foot the bill for public
schools, need to wake up and demand more control over what’s being taught.
Don’t leave curriculum reform to self-proclaimed professionals. The National
Education Association, the largest teachers union, endorses reparations for
slavery, Black Lives Matter, and other divisive concepts.

If parents want their children to learn the basics, without
left-wing brainwashing, they need to win seats on local and statewide school

The push for ethnic studies is a tidal wave, from Oregon to
Indiana to individual school districts like Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Here in New York City, Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza would have us believe that R—for racism—is a more important lesson than the three R’s, reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.

He’s wrong.

Teaching kids they’re victims won’t help them pass the
Regents or succeed in life. Instead, teach them about the many Hispanic
Americans and black Americans who have made it to the top.

The current struggle, in New York and California and
elsewhere, isn’t new. In the 1930s and ’40s, activists critical of capitalism
pinned their hopes for social transformation on changing the social studies
curriculum and, with it, the next generation of voters.

The left has been trying ever since.

Today, all Americans—parents and nonparents alike—who share the vision of opportunity, common values, and colorblind justice need to recognize what’s happening and stop it.

Our future hinges not just on who’s elected president but on who’s elected to school boards. The leftist push for ethnic studies—more accurately termed “oppression studies”—poses a serious threat to the America we hold dear.