Leftist white woman’s reaction to black Trump supporter Anthony Brian Logan wearing a MAGA hat is EXACTLY who the Left is

Try it you will like it

Over the weekend, Twitchy covered a ‘feminist dad’ who claimed he would verbally attack anyone he saw wearing a MAGA hat because, among other things, that means they are racist. In response, Anthony Brian Logan, a black Trump supporter, shared a photo of several black Trump supporters wearing the evil red hat.

This is actually a great picture.

Which is probably why this Leftist person decided to shame and lecture him about it.

Going against his own self-interests?

And she has NO place demanding that he answer her, holy crap.

Check out the ratio …


Just who the Hell does she think she is?

Note, we do not typically cover ‘randos’ but her tweet and attitude are indicative of a bigger issue on the Left … plus it’s so damn awful we had no choice.

When the Left shows you who they really are, believe them.

And Logan’s response is PERFECT.

Oh yeah. She likely tells conservative women they’re voting against their own best interest.

Just wow, on so many levels.


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