‘Lies of omission’: Politico writer leaves out some pretty important info in order to paint Benjamin Netanyahu as a hypocrite

Try it you will like it

Kudos to Politico Playbook writer Jake Sherman for actually mentioning Benjamin Netanyahu’s points about MIFTAH, the group sponsoring Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar’s now-defunct Israel visit, being a decidedly problematic outfit. Too bad Sherman couldn’t resist the urge to try to paint Netanyahu as some kind of hypocrite:

What’s your point, Jake?

Jake left out quite a few details about MIFTAH’s history. And about Israel’s history, as well:

Seems like that’s pretty significant, no?

Evidently Jake Sherman is not a responsible newsman, then:

Come on, Jake. Just admit you left out information that would’ve undermined your narrative.

Maybe the media would get a little more respect if they did a little more to earn it.