‘No bedbugs at Doral’: Trump blames ‘Radical Left Democrats’ for the ‘false and nasty rumor’ about his Miami resort

Try it you will like it

After the story about bedbugs infesting the New York Time on Monday, the hashtag #TrumpBedBugs started trending on Twitter thanks in large part to this Miami Herald article in 2017 about a lawsuit that claimed a visitor to the Trump resort in Doral, FL was bitten by bedbugs during his stay in 2016:

That case was settled and nobody is talking. From the Miami Herald:

In a bit of good news for the new president, court records show his attorneys in Miami have reached a tentative settlement with a business traveler who sued the resort after his back, face and arms were devoured by voracious bed bugs at the revamped resort.

In a terse one-page report just slipped into the court file, court-appointed mediator Frank Allocca filed a notice that reads “an agreement was reached.” There were no details on what will likely be a confidential deal.

President Trump responded today saying “Radical Left Democrats” are responsible for the “false and nasty rumor” about his hotel:

He does have a point. Are there any other claims of bedbugs at the hotel?

And believe it or not, this tweet has nothing to do with the other bedbug story in news today:

It’s going to be worse than Ebola Twitter:

Up next? Roach Twitter: