WOWZA: Soledad O’Brien tears into Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter over ’embarrassingly messy’ Kayleigh McEnany interview

Remember all those times Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo had Josh Earnest on his show so he could ask him if Obama was a liar while doing everything he could to pick a fight with and embarrass him? Yeah, so many times …

Oh, wait.

So what was the point of this interview? To prove to his 12 viewers that he’s an unprofessional hack who hates Trump? Even Soledad O’Brien, who we know is definitely not a fan of Trump’s, called this ‘mess’ out.

She said mess TWICE.

And yes, it was a mess.

To Soledad’s point, nothing was really accomplished here, other than providing a bunch of Leftist rags with their ‘WATCH CUOMO SCHOOL TRUMPETTE’ material. Maybe Fredo was feeling a little emasculated after the altercation bit a few weeks back and thought asking McEanany a bunch of silly questions would make him feel better about himself.

Brian Stelter was super stoked about the interview …


Soledad called tater out too:

We agree with Soledad. Whoa.

‘The fact that you, the media reporter, think this is ‘extraordinary’ is particularly sad.

Damn, son.

It’s CNN. *shrug*


Truth to power.

‘Nuff said.


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