‘You are NOT a journalist’: Baltimore Repub Kimberly Klacik just thoroughly and completely NUKED Brian Stelter

Try it you will like it

Gotta love it when our favorite Hall Monitor takes it upon himself to pretend he’s in any way a journalist. He really thinks a lot of himself, doesn’t he?

Remember that one time Brian couldn’t get in touch with Baltimore Republican Kimberly Klacik so he just made up a bunch of crap about her for his segment?

Yeah, that’s totally journalism, tater.

Seems Kimberly hasn’t forgotten or forgiven:

You are a piece of … yikes.

But tell him how you really feel, Kimberly.

Well, isn’t that a coincidence.

He reminds us of that as well.

Dingleberry. That’s a word we don’t hear enough these days.

Yard gnome?


Annnd we’re dead now, thanks for that.


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