The Latest College Lunacy: Correct English Grammar Is ‘Racist’

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Just when we thought colleges could not spout loonier ideas,
we have a new one from American University.

They hired a professor to teach other professors to grade
students based on their “labor” rather than their writing ability.

The professor that American University hired to teach that
nonsense is Asao B. Inoue, who is a professor at the University of Washington
in Tacoma in interdisciplinary arts and sciences. He is also the director of
the university’s writing center.

Inoue believes that a person’s writing ability should not be
assessed, in order to promote “anti-racist” objectives. Inoue taught
American University’s faculty members that their previous practices of grading
writing promoted white language supremacy.

Inoue thinks that students should be graded on the effort
they put into a project.

The idea to bring such a professor to American University,
where parents and students fork over $48,459 a year in tuition charges, could
not have been something thought up by saner members of its academic community.

Instead, it was probably the result of deep thinking by the
university’s diversity and campus life officials.

Inoue’s views are not simply extreme but possibly hostile to
the academic mission of most universities. Forgiving and ignoring a students’
writing ability would mostly affect black students. White students’ speaking
and writing would be judged against the King’s English, defined as standard,
pure, or correct English grammar.

Professor Noam Chomsky, called the father of modern
linguistics, formulated the generative theory of language.

According to his theory, the most basic form of language is
a set of syntactic rules that is universal for all humans and that underlies
the grammar of all human languages. We analyze and interpret our environment
with words and sentences in a structured language.

Oral and written language provides a set of rules that
enables us to organize thoughts and construct logical meaning with our

Not holding students accountable to proper grammar does a
disservice to those students who overall show poor writing abilities.

When or if these students graduate from college, they are
not going to be evaluated in their careers by Inoue’s tailored standards. They
will be judged according to their objective abilities, and it probably follows
that if they fail to meet those objective standards, the standards themselves
will be labeled as racist.

There’s another very dangerous bit of academic nonsense
happening, this time at the K-12 level of education.

A One America News Network anchor interviewed Mary Clare
Amselem, education specialist at The Heritage Foundation, about the California
Department of Education’s proposed ethnic studies curriculum. The proposed
ethnic studies curriculum would teach children that capitalism and father
figures are racist.

The Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum also includes gross
anti-Israel bias and teaches about a Palestinian-led anti-Israel initiative
called Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions. The curriculum also has students
study issues of police brutality and asks teachers to find incidents of bias by
police in their own communities.

According to an article by Shelby Talcott in The Stream,
California’s proposed curriculum called for students to study lawmakers such as
Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida
Tlaib, both of whom have supported the BDS movement and have been accused of
anti-Semitic rhetoric.

The proposed ethnic studies proposal has been removed from
the California Department of Education website.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., said,
“While I am relieved that California made the obvious decision to revisit
this wholly misguided proposal, we need to know why and how a blatantly
anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, factually inaccurate curriculum made its way through
the ranks of California’s Department of Education.”

He added, “This was not simply an oversight—the
California Department of Education’s attempt to institutionalize anti-Semitism
is not only discriminatory and intolerant, it’s dangerous.”

Brainwashing our youngsters is a serious matter. The people
responsible for the California Department of Education’s proposal ought to be
summarily fired.