A Gun Owner’s Worst Enemy, You May Know Them Well ~ VIDEO

Opinion by Michael Kreitzer of Budget Guns and Gear Reviews

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USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Have you heard the cliché about the paranoid not being paranoid when they really are out to get you? For years the anti-rights, anti-freedom crowd have been telling us that we who support the Second Amendment are just a bunch of paranoid gun-nuts because no one’s really coming for our beloved pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Of course, to believe that the hoplophobes are not coming for our guns, we would have to ignore the decades-long campaign in which they’ve been engaged. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve been paying attention to the myriad of incremental steps that the antis have taken to slowly erode our Constitutionally protected liberties, one “common-sense gun safety measure” at a time.

You’d also have to ignore the current crop of Democratic Presidential candidates and their inflammatory rhetoric regarding the Second Amendment. From Kamala Harris’ threatened executive action, to Beto O’Rourke’s “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15!”, the entire pack has been falling all over themselves to outdo one another in a bid to show that each one is more anti-gun (read: anti-FREEDOM) than the last.

Finally, you’d have to ignore the willing complicity of the “mainstream” legacy media and its apparent eagerness to sensationalize and exploit any atrocities committed with a firearm, even before the blood has dried and the bodies are taken away.

In short, you’d have to be an utter fool to believe that “No one’s coming for your guns.”

But even with all those forces arrayed against the Second Amendment, a gun owner’s worst enemy isn’t the anti-gun politicians and their enthusiastic allies in the media. Our worst enemy isn’t even those well-meaning fools who believe them.

Nope. Our worst enemy comes from within. It’s us, or more specifically, it’s our apparent apathy.

I’ve seen it happen too many times. During the leadup to the Hughes Amendment, even though I was still young, I was paying attention, and I distinctly remember hearing gun owners say, “I don’t own a machinegun, so I don’t care.” As the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban was being debated, it was, “I got my shotgun and huntin’ rifle, I don’t need no AR-15!” More recently, it was “Bump stocks? Never heard of ‘em. Sounds stupid to me.”

Sure, there are a few gun owners who stand up to be counted, who raise their voices to be heard. Most, however, are seemingly content to write a check to the NRA, GOA, SAF, or whatever alphabet-lettered gun-rights group they prefer and say “Well, I did my part. What’s on TV?” Now don’t get me wrong, these groups are IMPORTANT, and they all do good work on gun owners’ behalf.

But it’s not enough. Allowing “someone else” to fight for YOUR rights only isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Since the 2019 Gun Rights Policy Conference, we’ve been handed an opportunity to throw off the stifling pall of apathy that has gripped so many gun owners. While at the GRPC, Rob Pincus was kind enough to come on my podcast and announce the 2nd Amendment Rally being held on November 2nd 2019 in Washington, DC. It’s a true non-partisan grassroots effort to give US a chance to come together and show those who would curtail our freedom that we will NOT stand for it.

Unfortunately, the last week or so has seen the couch commandos emerge in droves on the internet and give voice to every excuse they can think of to dismiss it. “We’ll look bad ‘cause no one will show up” and “There’s not enough time to plan” and “None of the big gun groups are sponsoring it” are being used to justify their apathy. I’m even hearing “I can’t carry in DC, so I won’t go!” Really? I would submit that the fact that you can’t carry in DC is why you SHOULD go! Maybe I’m wrong, though… it IS easier to sit in the basement and shovel in more cheese puffs, right?

We have an opportunity to make history on November 2nd, 2019. Some estimates put the number of U.S. gun owners at over 100 MILLION people. Can you imagine the statement it would make if even 1/10 of a percent of that number got off their duffs and came to DC?

I understand that there ARE legitimate reasons that folks can’t come. Work, finances and family obligations are powerful forces that can hold people in place. But if something is preventing you from attending, you can still help.

Go to www.2ndAmendmentRally.com to register and get more information. Share the rally’s website, www.2ndamendmentrally.com, all over your social media. Create and print a flyer, then ask your local businesses to display it. Talk to folks at your range, scout troop, book club, car wash, or any other place you find people and let them know. If the only thing keeping you from going is time, then funnel a few dollars toward someone who HAS the time to attend but may lack the funds, so that they can represent you.

Whatever you do, though, don’t continue letting our own apathy be our worst enemy. This cause is far too important.