Fox News’ impeachment poll WAS wrong, Dems oversampled. Analysis shows corrected version.

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trump calls fox news poll wrong
The Fox News poll suggesting that the majority of Americans favor impeachment of President Donald Trump is wrong because it over-sampled Democrats, analysts say. (C-Span screenshot)

Fox News has apparently jumped on the Fake Polls bandwagon with its recent poll suggesting that the majority of Americans favor impeaching and removing President Donald Trump.

The problem is that the poll was heavily biased because it over-sampled Democrats, thereby resulting in sham, skewed results.

According to analysis by the New York Post, a poll weighted for party affiliation would’ve concluded that 44.9% of voters favor impeachment, while 44.4% oppose it.

In other words, a less-biased poll would’ve shown that the majority of voters (55.1%) oppose impeachment.

fox news impeachment poll bogus
This sham Fox News poll oversampled Democrats, leading to a skewed result. In reality, a majority of Americans oppose impeachment. (Fox News screenshot)

Braun Research conducted the Fox News poll by sampling a pool comprised of:

  • 48% Democrats.
  • 40% Republicans.
  • 12% Independents.

In reality, Americans are:

  • 31% Democrat.
  • 29% Republican.
  • 38% independent.

Any poll that oversamples Democrats will necessarily lead to a skewed result. This is exactly what Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said this week, when he dismissed the Fox News poll as bogus.

“We got to point out that it’s weighted toward Democrats,” Gutfeld said. “It’s 48% Democrats, 40% Republicans, 12% other. Also, it’s being taken at the fever pitch of media coverage about a single topic, so what do you expect?”

Gutfeld underscored: “We have to remind ourselves how many Democrats and how many Republicans are in this poll, and that these polls have been known to be wrong.”

President Trump — who defied every political poll with his 2016 election win — reacted by trashing the skewed Fox News poll. “Whoever the Pollster is, they suck,” Trump tweeted.

Millions of Trump supporters say they have never been polled about impeachment, so how could the anti-Trump “impeachment polls” being breathlessly touted by the mainstream media be accurate?

Two weeks ago, Fox Business host Charles Payne conducted an informal poll, asking his 395,000 Twitter followers if they had ever been polled abut impeachment.

Payne’s poll received more than 27,000 votes. A whopping 94% of respondents said they have never been polled about impeachment.

All this shows that the media are once again gaslighting the public by pushing a narrative that they presumably hope will prevent President Trump’s re-election.

It’s no secret that the mainstream media are overwhelmingly left-wing. This constant barrage of of anti-Trump fake news isn’t surprising to journalist Lara Logan.

Logan — a former correspondent for CBS News — said the media in both the United States and around the world are liberal, and the American media are “85% registered Democrats.”

Rather than objectively report facts, Logan says today’s media have devolved into leftist “propagandists and political activists” masquerading as journalists.

Meanwhile, Fox News host Jesse Watters torched the Democrats for their secretive, sham impeachment inquiry. Watters pointed out that the impeachment is merely political theater designed to influence the 2020 election.

Because Democrats refuse to take a vote on impeachment, the entire stunt is merely a charade.

(Source: Watters World)

“The Democrats set up Trump in secret. Now they’re trying to impeach him in secret,” Watters said yesterday (Oct. 12). “They don’t want the people to see what they’re doing because it’s fixed.”

Jesse Watters continued: “Witnesses are interviewed in secret, witnesses aren’t allowed lawyers. Republicans can’t subpoena anyone [because the House of Representatives has not voted for impeachment]; only Democrats can. And the President can’t cross-examine anybody or even have access to evidence. There’s no due process. There’s not even a vote. Think about that: There’s not even voting going on on impeachment.”