NRA -> San Francisco Backs Down on Blacklisting NRA Contractors

NRA -> San Francisco Backs Down on Blacklisting NRA Contractors

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Tested: Springfield Armory's HellcatTested: Springfield Armory’s Hellcat

I’m not exactly sure who decided that small, semi-automatic pistols previously restricted to single-stack magazines could, all of the sudden, accept double-column magazines, but the shooting public has unquestionably embraced the innovation. Read More

Rates of the Highest CaliberRates of the Highest Caliber

PenFed Credit Union has served our Nations’ Defenders and all who support them for over 84 years, helping them achieve their financial goals. PenFed members enjoy some of the highest savings rates in the nation. Everyone is Eligible to Apply. Join Today to Start Earning More!

The Short Route To Long-Range MasteryThe Short Route To Long-Range Mastery

At 11.2 inches, it’s one of the shortest first-focal-plane rifle scopes ever devisedā€“with a 5-25x magnification range and a host of enhancements to help you master the longest shots. Target acquisition is optimized with bright, razor-sharp high-definition (HD) glass. Learn more at

Frontier CartridgeĀ® : American Made, Military GradeFrontier CartridgeĀ® : American Made, Military Grade

FrontierĀ® Cartridge features Hornady bullets in 223 Rem and 5.56 NATO. Applications range from plinking, target shooting and hunting to law enforcement training and self-defense. Read More

San Francisco Backs Down on Blacklisting NRA ContractorsSan Francisco Backs Down on Blacklisting NRA Contractors

The NRA today issued a statement after the city of San Francisco, Calif., agreed not to blacklist contractors linked to NRA. In summary, the release announces that “The National Rifle Association of America declared victory… Read More

10 Things You Didn't Know About Marlin Firearms10 Things You Didn’t Know About Marlin Firearms

Drawing closer to its landmark 150th birthday, Marlin Firearms remains one of the preeminent lever-gun manufacturers in the industry. Here are 10 things you might not have known about the company’s history. Read More

Tested: Mossberg Retrograde 590A1 12-ga. ShotgunTested: Mossberg Retrograde 590A1 12-ga. Shotgun

Those of us working in the shooting industry see gun manufacturing ventures come and go, some of which seem to spring up and then vanish over night. Read More

5 Best Pistol Drills for the Armed Citizen5 Best Pistol Drills for the Armed Citizen

Picking the best of anything is a dangerous proposition, as everyone has their favorites. So, sticking my neck out, here’s my list of five pistol drills that combine skillful gunhandling, accuracy and speed. Read More

Bill Ruger's .22 PistolBill Ruger’s .22 Pistol

Seventy years ago, William “Bill” Batterman Ruger and partner Alexander McCormick Sturm formed Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. With a loan of $50,000 from Sturm’s mother, the two young men set up shop in January 1949… Read More

Top 7 Handgun Hunting Loads for 2019Top 7 Handgun Hunting Loads for 2019

Here’s a detailed look at the best handgun hunting loads on the market today. Read More

10 .22 LR Conversion Kits for Your Favorite EDC Pistol10 .22 LR Conversion Kits for Your Favorite EDC Pistol

Converting a centerfire pistol to rimfire dates back to the 1930s, when Colt released the Ace .22 LR M1911 and then sold a conversion kit based on it. Later on, conversion kits in the U.S. were made for the M1911, Beretta 92, SIG Sauer P series, CZ-USA CZ-75 and Glock G17 and G19. Read More

#SundayGunday: Marlin Model 336 Dark Series#SundayGunday: Marlin Model 336 Dark Series

Marlin brought the lever gun into the light of the 21st century with its new Model 336 Dark Series. Featuring a threaded barrel, paracord sling, an XS Lever optics rail, a set of ghost-ring sights and a black Parkerized finish to match the rifle’s black furniture, this lever-action brings new life to an old classic. Learn more about it in this exclusive video. Read More

6 Affordable 1911s Under $5006 Affordable 1911s Under $500

John Browning’s Model of 1911 impacted the firearm market like few other guns in history. In fact, due to the longevity and popularity of this single-stack design, an entire product category emerged, all following the basic concept of Browning’s creation… Read More

The Holster Box: Learning What You Like in a CCW RigThe Holster Box: Learning What You Like in a CCW Rig

It’s maybe the oldest trope among concealed carriers: If you set off down the road of carrying a handgun every day, you will inevitably wind up with a box of holsters that you’ve tried and discarded as uncomfortable… Read More

A Short History Of Pistol Shooting TechniquesA Short History Of Pistol Shooting Techniques

Have you ever been to Graceland, the late Elvis Presley’s home in Memphis? If so, you’ll be able to relate to what’s on my mind. During a recent conversation with a student, I was trying to explain how some older styles and techniques of shooting remind me of Graceland. Read More

Carrying Concealed and Businesses That Prohibit FirearmsCarrying Concealed and Businesses That Prohibit Firearms

Almost nothing makes me as angry as seeing a business put a sign on their door prohibiting licensed defensive firearms on their property. However, let me be clear, I think that any business should have the right to prohibit whatever they choose. Read More

A Hard Look at Henry Lever-ActionsA Hard Look at Henry Lever-Actions

Henry Repeating Arms was founded in 1996 by the late Louis Imperato, and his son Anthony has been president of the firm since its inception. The company now ranks among the top five manufacturers… Read More

Low-End Gem: The Smith & Wesson Model 28Low-End Gem: The Smith & Wesson Model 28

A purchasing agent is an individual who buys things for a governmental entity or commercial business. This agent is important to accomplishing the mission… Read More

NRA's Women on Target Goes Pink for OctoberNRA’s Women on Target Goes Pink for October

The National Rifle Association, through its Women on Target program, is proud to “Go Pink” for the first time as it joins the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month… Read More

Solving Trigger Jerk: Drills & TechniquesSolving Trigger Jerk: Drills & Techniques

Up until this point in your firearm training, the emphasis had been on achieving an acceptable sight picture and squeezing the trigger in a slow and steady manner… Read More

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