WSJ -> Second official comes forward on Trump + Black market complicates efforts to combat vaping crisis.

WSJ -> Second official comes forward on Trump + Black market complicates efforts to combat vaping crisis.

The Wall Street Journal.
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Here’s what we’re watching as the U.S. business day gets under way:

Second official comes forward on Trump. At least one additional whistleblower with firsthand knowledge of the circumstances around President Trump’s July call with his Ukrainian counterpart has come forward, according to lawyers.
UAW rejects offer from GM. Contract talks between General Motors and the United Auto Workers stalled after making some progress heading into the weekend. The UAW’s top bargainer for GM said Sunday that talks had taken “a turn for the worse.”
WeWork investors put off by “sloppy” IPO filings. The more potential investors learned about the office-space company, the less they liked it. Details that were wrong or omitted from its financial disclosures may have soured investors even further and could pose a risk if it tries to go public again.
  • The IPO market goes from hot to not. Shares of newly public companies are in a slump with investors put off by unprofitable startups like Uber and WeWork. IPO-stock performance is at its worst level since at least 1995.
Iraqis rage over corruption and jobs. Anger over years of runaway spending, economic mismanagement and corruption in the country has led to protests that have killed more than 100 people and risk spiraling into civil conflict.
U.S. begins pullback from Northern Syria. U.S. forces began withdrawing from the Syria-Turkey border, after Mr. Trump ordered the Pentagon to clear the way for Ankara to launch an offensive against Kurdish fighters who spearheaded the U.S. campaign against Islamic State.
Nobel prize in medicine awarded to U.S. and British scientists. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been awarded to Americans William G. Kaelin Jr and Gregg L. Semenza, who shared the prize with Peter J. Ratcliffe of the U.K. for their discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to the amount of oxygen available.
Black market complicates efforts to combat vaping crisis. U.S. health officials are confronting a sprawling black market for vaping products as they seek to combat two health crises: a mysterious lung illness and a surge in teen vaping.
  • Teens ignored warnings for years. Now, some are scared. At one high school outside Minneapolis, a principal says he’s finally starting to get through as students hear news of deaths and illnesses.
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What’s Trending

Changes in medicine push doctors to the left. The historic shift comes with the overall movement of college-educated people to the Democratic Party. The realignment is changing where physicians live and work, how they treat patients and how they influence the presidential race.
NBA feels China backlash. Chinese companies have suspended ties with the Rockets, one of the NBA’s most popular teams in China, after Houston’s general manager tweeted his support of protests in Hong Kong.
William Barr’s outreach on Russia probe roils U.S. allies. The attorney general is sparking discord in several foreign capitals, going outside usual channels to seek help from allies in reviewing the origins of a U.S. counterintelligence investigation begun during the 2016 presidential campaign.
The Dutch get a preview of Disney’s streaming service. The free trial in the Netherlands will gauge response and iron out any technical kinks before the service launches globally on Nov. 12. Interviews with a small number of users found enthusiasm for the service, despite some minor technical issues.
“What do we do for places like Erie?” Nearly 27% of the residents of Erie, Pa., live below poverty level. The city now presents a test of a new federal opportunity zone program, which provides tax benefits for those who invest capital gains in low-income areas.
The big business of saying farewell to fans. Elton John, Bob Seger, KISS and Slayer are on farewell tours, while others such as Paul Simon waved goodbye in 2018. But the definition of “farewell” has become fluid, often considered more a marketing tool than a stone tablet.
Mariah Carey back in the charts? Blame TikTok. The social video app that has boomed with younger generations since its launch just over a year ago has become a force in the music industry, despite limiting songs to 15 seconds.
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