If the House is a Grand Jury, then Adam Schiff is the Foreman.

If the House is a Grand Jury, then Adam Schiff is the Foreman.


During the secret House hearings, Nancy Pelosi and her friendly news services say the house investigation is like a Grand Jury. Well then if you were a defendant, how would feel your chances of having a fair hearing, is your Grand Jury foreman, Adam Schiff,

Adam Schiff The ASS

The ASS The Adam Schiff Show

was making speeches announcing you were already deemed guilty. Calling you a “charlatan”, a “profound threat to democracy”, also saying –
“The greatest threat to the life and the health of our democracy comes from within,” he said, describing Trump as someone who admires strongmen but doesn’t respect the Constitution.
“There is nothing more dangerous than a president who believes he is above the law,” said the congressman, who represents part of Los Angeles County.

New York Post - Circus in the House

New York Post – Circus in the House

How about if a Grand Jury foreman said something like this “We will send that charlatan in the White House back to the golden throne he came from,” .

Adam Schiff read this on the House Floor, but he made it up, it was NOT TRUE.

We’ve been very good to your country. Very good. No other country has done as much as we have. But you know what? I don’t see much reciprocity here. I hear what you want. I have a favor I want from you, though. And I’m going to say this only seven times, so you better listen good. I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand? Lots of it. On this and on that. I’m going to put you in touch with people, not just any people. I’m going to put you in touch with the attorney general of the United States, my attorney general Bill Barr. He’s got the whole weight of the American law enforcement behind him. And I’m going to put you in touch with Rudy. You’re going to love him, trust me. You know what I’m asking and so I’m only going to say this a few more times, in a few more ways. And by the way, don’t call me again. I’ll call you when you’ve done what I asked.’
“This is, in sum and character, what the president was trying to communicate with the president of Ukraine. It would be funny if it wasn’t such a graphic betrayal of the President’s oath of office. But as it does represent a real betrayal, there’s nothing the president says here that is in America’s interest after all.”

Do you think you would be able to have a directed verdict of Not Guilty, you sure would.

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