Is Pete Buttigieg pushing hard for TOPMAN? 

Is Pete Buttigieg pushing hard for TOPMAN? 

Pete Buttigieg might unseat Joe Biden as the top candidate for the Democratic nomination: Is it possible? Yes. Is it plausible? Well, that’s a different story.  With the recent troubles involving Joe Biden and his son’s questionable business dealings with Ukraine, it appears the radical leftist media is reevaluating their protection versus annihilation narrative – and they might be commencing a coup with the Democratic National Committee to push a serious liability out of the running.

It all became clear after the latest Democratic debate in Ohio.  Although no one candidate dominated the stage, headlines the following morning were crowning the field’s long-shot, and nudging him along as the golden boy to replace Mr. Biden running for “the soul of a nation.”

Believe it or not, South Bend, IN, Mayor Peter Paul Buttigieg is now the anointed one.  How did we arrive here, one might ask?

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