Things get ‘heated’ during Mitt Romney’s visit to the White House, but it’s not because of impeachment (HAHAHA!)

Trump critic Mitt Romney is at the White House right now to…talk vaping:

And it’s reportedly getting “heated” at Mitt wants to ban flavored vape juice:

Mitt wrongly claimed that adults weren’t using flavored liquids, which angered the pro-vaping folks in the room:

He also claimed that half of Utah high schoolers are vaping:

The Utah Republican is particularly concerned with “unicorn poop” flavored juice:

And, no, this isn’t a joke:

TBH, unicorn poop sounds delicious:

According to journos, President Trump said they will be banning flavored liquids for 21 and under:

And that he’s worried about black market items if he bans all flavored products:

Oh, and as for impeachment? Mitt wouldn’t answer: