‘Another millionaire advocating for socialism’: John Cusack rattles off list of reasons Bernie Sanders should be president (who wants to tell him?)

We’re getting deeper into the political season, which means the “celebrity endorsements” will be ramping up. For John Cusack, running across a socialist politician like Bernie Sanders who shared his belief system was serendipity, and the actor campaigned for Sanders today in New Hampshire:

“Celebrity endorsement” season always brings with it an endless display of hypocrisy and self-unawareness, and this was no different: Here are a couple different clips (via Grabien News founder Tom Elliott):

Many Dems have had to shift from “the one percent” to “the one percent of the one percent” so they can find a class that Sanders isn’t in (not to mention themselves):

Cusack and Sanders didn’t appear to recognize the irony and hypocrisy.