Does this outfit make me look fatwa? Capture of ‘Jabba the Jihadi’ in Iraq inspires new nickname challenge

An ISIS leader called “Jabba the Jihadi” for obvious reasons was captured in Iraq earlier this week:

They transported him away from his terrorist lair and snack bar in the back of a pickup truck:

Hopefully he didn’t eat his victims:

And, you know, we do see a resemblance:

Yeah. . . we’re not imagining he tried to flee:

“Put the cookie down and come out with your hands up!”

Now, who’s ready for a nickname contest? Can we do better than Jabba the Jihadi? The social media person from The Daily Wire is certainly giving it a shot:

How about, “he’s a member of al Queso?” Or, “now that’s a fatwa!”

Tell us some of your names down in the comments.