Hal Lindsey 📢 the seventh and final trumpet judgment

January 17th, 2020

Hal Lindsey 📢 the seventh and final trumpet judgment

On this week’s Hal Lindsey Presents, we continue our journey through Revelation. Last week, we began looking at the end of Revelation 11. That included an introduction of the seventh and final trumpet judgment. The final trumpet does more than trigger a single event. It triggers a whole series of events.

We will look at the astounding implications of the mysterious phrase in verse 18 where it says God will “destroy those who destroy the earth.”

Then the scene switches to the great temple of God in heaven. I will show how this again confirms that this is “the time of Jacob’s trouble.” The tribulation centers on Israel. The Church will be gone – raptured!

Remember that God showed Moses exactly how to build the tabernacle in the wilderness. Later, the temple would use that same design. God emphasized the importance of making these things exactly according to pattern. And that is the pattern of another temple – the temple in heaven.

God has unfinished business with the Children of Israel. Revelation shows how the story of Israel and God’s promises to it come to their great and glorious fulfillment.

The temple in heaven opened and John saw the heavenly ark of the covenant. God describes Himself as the One who hovers between the cherubim above the ark. The top of the ark is known in scripture as the “mercy seat.” I will show how the ark perfectly depicts man’s sin and God’s redemption of man. The ark points to Jesus with a beauty and perfection that leaves us in awe.

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