NewsLink: Justice Department Argues Comey’s Leak of ‘Flynn’ Memo to New York Times was Unauthorized

From Fox News: 

Michael Flynn moves to withdraw guilty plea, citing ‘bad faith’ by government (01/14/2020)

The court filing came just days after the Justice Department reversed course to recommend up to six months of prison time in his case, alleging he was not fully cooperating or accepting responsibility for his actions.

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From Judicial Watch: 

1. Justice Department Argues Comey’s Leak of ‘Flynn’ Memo to New York Times was Unauthorized (11/08/2017)

Judicial Watch argues that if disclosure of the “Flynn” memo would harm the Russia investigation, then the Justice Department should have taken steps to “address Ex-Director Comey’s removal of the memo from the FBI, leaking of the memo to the media, and subsequent testimony about the memo, to the extent that testimony was unauthorized and not coordinated with [the Justice Department], the FBI, and/or Special Counsel Mueller.

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2. Welcome to the ‘Cold Civil War (02/21/2017)

Armed groups are not yet engaged in open combat – but the country is fracturing in dramatic ways – sometimes overly dramatic . . . there are media figures in front of television cameras in a near-perpetual state of fear and anxiety — and they hope to contaminate you with the same hysteria.  Don’t fall for it.

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3. State Department/Deep State Enemies List Targeting Trump Allies Confirmed? (11/5/2019)

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton explains why Attorney General William Barr should take action against allegations towards former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and the ongoing impeachment effort against President Trump.

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